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How are Council decisions made?

The Council Constitution sets outs how decision-making powers are shared.

All have to follow procedures set out in the Constitution. 

When are the dates and times of committee meetings set?

Every May, the annual meeting of the Council (known as 'Full Council') sets the dates and times of meetings up to the following May. The councillors also decide who will be in each committee.

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How can I view papers to do with committee meetings?

By law, we have to make all reports available to the public, except where they include personal or confidential information.

View minutes, agendas and reports for committee meetings.

You can also view all papers at our Central Library. 

How do I know what's going to be looked at by committee meetings?

We set out all the key decisions that the Cabinet expects to take in the next four months in the Forward Plan of Key Decisions

The agenda and papers for committee meetings are available a week in advance of the meeting. 

What is 'the Council'?

The Council is made up of 51 councillors across 17 electoral wards in Derby. Councillors are elected by residents who are registered to vote for Local Council Elections in Derby.

The councillors meet together as 'Full Council' to decide on key policies and to set and agree the annual budget and Council Tax.

Full Council appoints the Leader of the Council and approves membership of committees.

What is 'the Cabinet'?

While the Council sets the annual budget and the key policies, the Cabinet handles the day-to-day running of the Council.

The Leader of the Council chairs Cabinet meetings, and chooses the councillors who will form the Cabinet.  

The Cabinet has overall responsibility for services in Derby and works within the overall policies and budget agreed by the Council. It makes suggestions to the Full Council on key items of policy and the annual budget.

What are 'Scrutiny Commissions'?

Five Scrutiny Commissions support the work of the Cabinet and the Council. They look into matters of local concern and make recommendations on policy, budget making and the delivery of services.

Find out more about our Scrutiny Commissions.

What are 'Regulatory Committees'?

The Council has to deal with many and varied regulatory or legal responsibilities like planning applications and taxi licensing. These responsibilities are carried out by four regulatory boards that have defined roles, membership and procedures...

What is the Audit and Accounts Committee?

It reviews the Council's procedure for financial control and examines:

  • action taken as a result of reports from the internal and external auditors 
  • work done on risk management.

It also makes sure our services secure value for money.

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