Policies and plans

The Council Plan

The Council Plan is a key document that sets out what key improvements we would like to make and the types of actions that we will take to make them. The latest Council Plan is available to view here: Derby City Council Plan 2016 - 2019

The Derby Plan

The Derby Plan: Vision for Derby 2030 sets out our three big ambitions for our city. It is put together by Derby City and Neighbourhood Partnerships which is an alliance of over 250 public, private, voluntary and community organisations in the city. Members reflect a wide range of interests such as local neighbourhoods, local authority and health care services, community organisations, the police, learning providers, media, manufacturing, retail, faith and race communities.

The Derby Plan has been based on what we know about the city's needs, through statistics and trends, and on the ambitions people told us they wanted for themselves, their neighbourhoods and their city.

Our Council Plan underpins The Derby Plan by sharing the same big ambitions for our city.

Our priorities

For the next three years we will work with our partners in the city from the private, public and voluntary sectors to make it a better place for local people to live and work. We will concentrate on three key areas:

  • Safe - a place where people are safe and the vulnerable are put first and supported.
  • Strong - a place where people work together, can enjoy good health and wellbeing throughout their life and feel that they belong to a thriving community.
  • Ambitious - a place where we support our children and young people to achieve their full potential, skills are valued, jobs and businesses are growing and we have the infrastructure to create a city for the future.

When we review our priorities

We review our priorities every year and publish any changes in our Council Plan.

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