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By 2030 Derby & Nottingham will have a global reputation as an exciting place to live, work and play – you'll want to learn here, do business here, have fun here and make this great place your home.‌

One Voice

Added together Derby and Nottingham is one of UK’s most important urban areas and also become one of the top 30 population centres in Europe. Both cities are predicted to have more young people living in them in the future, in contrast to the national trend of an aging population. If we bring that potential together and join our urban voice, we will drive the jobs and prosperity that will fuel the Midlands as an engine for UK economic growth.

By 2030 Derby & Nottingham will:

  • be internationally recognised as a vibrant, creative urban centre offering a great modern city lifestyle to its citizens and visitors
  • be renowned for producing world-class ideas, products and people with a leading voice in the UK and at Westminster
  • have a recognised identity across the world, known for the quality of its international relationships, with a passion for exchanging ideas and open for trade
  • be seen as an efficient provider of high quality, resilient public services

How we will grow our cities of the future

Our Metropolitan Strategy has five big ambitions to drive us forward over the next 15 years:

  • Metro Enterprise - Promoting Derby & Nottingham world-wide to attract new investment; supporting businesses to innovate, diversify, find new markets, increase productivity and strengthen supply chains
  • Metro Talent - Enhancing leadership, knowledge and creativity of skilled workers; nurturing young people to be ready for work in the 21st century
  • Connected Metro - Improving accessibility to the cities through shared development of our transport corridors, application of new transport technologies and better integration with our superb rail and airport interchanges
  • Metro living - Providing a range of exciting and accessible opportunities for a modern urban lifestyle, befitting of a world-class urban area, where residents can live, earn and play through a wide range of sporting and cultural activities
  • Efficient Metro - Protecting and improving public services for all our Metropolitan citizens 

Nottingham City Council has secured European Regional Development Funding (ERDF) for blue green infrastructure provision at 13 sites across Derby City and Nottingham City. 

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ERDF Derby Infrastructure Schemes


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