Working in partnership in Derby


What is partnership working?

Lots of organisations in the city work together in many different ways.  Partnerships range from simple networks for keeping in touch to formal legal agreements with shared funds and services.  While there will be any number of reasons for doing this, one of the most important will be because the organisations believe that by working in partnership they have a better chance of achieving their goals.

Do we do partnership working in Derby?

Yes, and Derby is good at it! Since 1995 the city has had a partnership structure in place. This enables organisations agree how to work with each other to try to improve the city and the lives of people who live and work here.

What is the partnership structure?

Derby's partnership structure is called Derby City and Neighbourhood Partnerships.  Within it, people work together voluntarily towards a safe, healthy, prosperous and sustainable future for the people of Derby through shared vision and leadership.

Many organisations are represented on different partnership groups from public, private, voluntary and community organisations in the city. Members reflect a wide range of interests such as local neighbourhoods, local authority and health care services, community organisations, the police, learning providers, media, manufacturing, retail and faith and race communities.

How does partnership working work?

At the heart of the Partnership is the Leadership Board.  They agree what we want to achieve and develop a plan for the city known as The Derby Plan.

To help the Leadership Board deliver the Derby Plan there are five Outcome Boards that focus on five areas of partnership work:

  • children, families and learners
  • culture
  • Community Safety
  • economic development
  • Health and Wellbeing

What is The Derby Plan?

Our partnership shares an ambition to make Derby a safe, strong and ambitious place to live, work and visit. Our Derby Plan sets out what our partnership aims are over three years and what we plan to work together on to start to realise those aims.

The Plan is currently being refreshed and over the next few months we will update this website with information on our progress.

Do these arrangements link with other statutory Partnerships?

Derby City and Neighbourhood Partnerships is an unconstituted body and its members come together voluntarily. However, its structure provides an umbrella for other partnerships to link into. Some of these are required by statute including:

Other important links include:

There are many key strategies and plans that support and influence the overarching Derby Plan and links or downloads to these can be found below:The Local Plan and Core Strategy


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