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Neighbourhood working

Neighbourhood Working aims to revitalise neighbourhoods and to work with local people to tackle the issues that matter to them on their doorstep. We aim to improve outcomes for local people on local issues and enhance the support for local councillors.

Neighbourhood working tackles issues that adversely impact on people’s quality of life. The 17 wards in Derby have a part-time Neighbourhood Officer support. The officer supports the board in setting local priorities and delivering key projects to improve the environment and build pride within our communities. There are two Neighbourhood Managers for the city to support and co-ordinate the work of the Neighbourhood Officers and to look for ways of improving neighbourhood working across the city.  

Neighbourhood working provides the framework to deliver work on:

  • Community engagement, consultation and communication, including Neighbourhood Forums, Ward Walkabouts and Boards.
  • A part-time Neighbourhood Officer resource covering all 17 wards.
  • Support of the elected members in their community leadership role.
  • Responsive problem solving.
  • Area-based strategic management and planning.

Neighbourhood Forums are open public meetings for all local residents, community organisations and businesses, chaired by a local Ward Councillor. 

Neighbourhood Forums are one of the key mechanisms used by many Neighbourhood Boards for engaging with the public. The forum is your opportunity to find out what’s happening in your neighbourhood - the problems and the successes - and to discuss your issues and local priorities. You’ll have the chance to talk to your councillors, local police and other providers of services and have a say about what your priorities are for your neighbourhood.

Find out if there is a Forum in your ward, and find out the date, venue and time of your next Neighbourhood Forum.

The Neighbourhood Walkabouts aim to tackle the perception of crime, strengthen community spirit and resolve community issues. This involves councillors, partners and local residents leading high profile and visible patrols. The idea behind this is to get back to traditional community values of local people looking out for each other.

Walkabouts are another key mechanism used by many Neighbourhood Boards and Councillors for engaging with the public. It is an opportunity to talk to your local ward Councillors, the Police, Derby Homes and Council Officers, and allows you to show problems in the neighbourhood as we walk around. Some of the walkabout sessions involve knocking on doors, to allow us to engage with a wider audience.

Your Neighbourhood Board is the main leadership group for the neighbourhood. It is an opportunity for people to get really involved in their neighbourhood as community leaders, working alongside their councillors and local services.

Your Neighbourhood Board leads on behalf of the neighbourhood as a whole. The board agrees the priorities for the neighbourhood, decides where delegated Council budgets, such as Section 106 funding and Local Transport Plan Priorities, are to be spent, monitors performance, influences decisions that reflect the views of local residents, and decides on the vision for your neighbourhood. They also decide on how devolved board funding is spent in your ward.

There is a Ward Committee for each electoral ward and comprises the three Ward Councillors elected for the ward.

The committee authorises the use of the budget delegated by the Council to the Neighbourhood Board.

Find out where you can meet the councillors that represent your ward.

Neighbourhood Boards are made up of local councillors, residents and representatives from community organisations and public services. Not all wards have decided to have a Board.

Board representatives are reviewed each year. Local people who are committed and have a real understanding about their community’s hopes and priorities are encouraged to join their board.  

If you are interested in joining your local board or your community group is interested in nominating a representative, contact us.




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