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Oakwood Neighbourhood Team

Your local Safer Neighbourhood Team.

If you wish to complain about anti-social behaviour or report a crime, contact the Oakwood Safer Neighbourhood Team, by:

Your Safer Neighbourhood Team is committed to making your community a safer and better place to live and work.

Find out more about Safer Neighbourhoods on the Derbyshire Police website. You can also view their Derwent and Oakwood Safer Neighbourhood Team page

For more information about neighbourhood forums, visit our Neighbourhood working - information page.

Find out more about Neighbourhood Forum meetings.

Oakwood Neighbourhood Board

Your local Neighbourhood Board is made up of local councillors, residents and representatives from community organisations and public services

The board:

  • leads on behalf of the whole neighbourhood
  • agrees the priorities for the neighbourhood
  • decides where delegated Council budgets are to be spent
  • monitors performance
  • influences decisions that reflect the views of local residents
  • decides on the vision for your neighbourhood.

Find out how to become a member of your Neighbourhood Board.

Members of Oakwood Neighbourhood Board

  • Councillor  Frank Harwood
  • Councillor Mick Barker - Chair
  • Councillor Robin Wood
  • Inspector Lauren Woods - Derbyshire Police
  • Chris Fairhall - Resident
  • Alex Dann - Resident
  • Joshua Keys - Youth Club Member
  • Ellis Watson - Youth Club Member

Advisors to Oakwood Neighbourhood Board

  • Ruth Hardy - Senior Youth Worker Manager
  • Sarah Carpenter - Springwood Leisure
  • Tim Banton - North Area Traffic Management Manager

Your neighbourhood priorities

Priority 1 - A better built and natural environment:

  • Improve the maintenance of roads and pavements in Oakwood.
  • Improve highways and transport in Oakwood ward.
  • Reduce the amount of un adopted land in Oakwood ward.
  • Improve the environment and cleanliness of open spaces in Oakwood ward.

Priority 2 - Build a stronger Oakwood community:

  • Improve communications.
  • Increase community involvement in decision making.
  • Engage young people in the decision making process.
  • Support community events.

Priority 3 - An active cultural life:

  • Support the provision of more activities and facilities in Oakwood for people of all age groups.

Priority 4 - Education and learning:

  • Extend primary school education in Oakwood.
  • Keeping young people safe.

Priority 5 - Being safe and feeling safe:

  • Tackle antisocial behaviour and youth nuisance.
  • Reduce burglary and theft.
  • Support crime prevention projects.
  • Community safety measures.

How can I join the Oakwood Neighbourhood Board?

If you are interested in joining your local Neighbourhood Board, or your community group is interested in nominating a representative, download, complete and return an application form ‌or contact us.

Local events, news, activities and forms

Your Neighbourhood Board manages a Community Budget to support activities and projects that help address the agreed Neighbourhood priorities.

If you have a group or organisation within the neighbourhood, however big or small, that contributes to one or more of the neighbourhood priorities and you would like to make an application for funding, please contact us.

More information

For more information on what neighbourhood forums and boards are, and how to access funding for local projects and community groups, visit the Neighbourhood partnerships – information page.

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