Sharing social care data

Sharing your information with health care services

Social Services, hospitals and GPs are being encouraged by the government to work more closely together to improve the quality of care and support that people receive. Sometimes this means we need to share information about our customers.

We want to plan our future health and social care services to be more coordinated and to give people greater choice. To do this, we want to look at anonymous data from people across the whole of Derbyshire to see where we should prioritise our resources. This will be possible by linking together people's health and social care records using information that appears in both sets of records, for example NHS number, in a secure computer system.

To opt out of sharing data about your social care

We have written to some of our customers in recent months about sharing data with health services, and will write to more people in the coming months. We are doing this so our customers know we want to share this information and so they can ask us to have their information removed when we share data in joint projects with health agencies.

You can request for your information to not be shared by completing an Opt Out form enclosed with our letter and returning it to:

Derby City Council, FREEPOST, MID24259, Derby, DE1 2BR

If possible, please use the pre-paid envelope that we provided, because Royal Mail can process printed freepost addresses much more quickly. This will ensure that we receive this important information promptly.

Please return the form within three weeks from the date of the letter. We will still process Opt Out requests if they arrive after this date.

Why has the Council written to me?

In 2013, we sent a letter to a limited number of people whose records we wanted to use in a pilot project to better plan services available over the winter of 2013/14. This project has been extended for a further year.

We will be sending out more letters as the project progresses, so if you haven't received one yet, you may do in the near future. You can opt out by email now but may still receive a letter as we may have already printed and sent your letter to Royal Mail for posting.

Why does the Council want to share my data?

We want to share anonymous information so that health services can plan the right type of services in the right area. For example health services don't always know about the numbers of people who receive homecare services from Derby City Council in their area.

If you allow us to share your details with health services, this will make it easier for the best services to be planned.

What information do you want to share?

We want to share data about the type of care package you have, the date each service started or ended, and how much it costs.

We won't be sharing any financial information we have about you.

What if I don't want my information included?

You have the right not to allow us to share your details, which is why we have given you the opportunity to opt out.

What do I do if my opt out form is lost or missing?

You can:

You can also opt out by emailing putting Social Care Data Opt Out in the subject line and giving us your:

  • Forename
  • Surname/ Family Name
  • Address
  • Postcode

We will send you a confirmation letter if you ask for one, whether you choose to opt out by post or email.

Data Security

We take data security very seriously and your details will always be protected. We will take every care to protect your privacy. Organisations that we share your details with have the same responsibility to make sure your information is secure.


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