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Introduction to Census 2011

At the last Census (held in March 2011), Derby's population was estimated at 248,700. The next Census will not be until 2021. Between censuses, the Office for National Statistics publishes mid-year estimates. In 2016 they estimated that Derby’s population had increased to 256,200.

Measuring the changes in how the city's population is made up is very important in understanding the needs of all communities in Derby. Census statistics also feed into the allocation of funding for local authorities and play a major part in identifying need for local services in communities.

View the Derby Population Profile report.

Census 2011 reports

The Census 2011 reports are intended to provide an economic, social and demographic picture for the city of Derby. These have been developed using the Office of National Statistics local authority profiling tool, which uses data from the 2011 Census, Census 2013 updates and the Annual Population Survey:

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Links to useful websites

NOMIS produces official labour market statistics at city level. These statistics draw on multiple data sources to produce an overview of the labour market in Derby. These reports provide a variety of information including: resident population, labour supply, economic inactivity, JSA claimants and qualifications:

For more information, please contact intelligence.team@derby.gov.uk.

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