Council House FAQs

  • When is the Council House open?

    The Council House is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5pm. However, a large number of services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our Derby Direct to You portal so you can go online anytime.

    Our Customer Service Centre is open between 9am and 2.45pm for the following services: 

    • Streetpride including Parking Services
    • Registrars
    • Pest Control
    • Blue Badge
    • Gold Card
    • Customer Feedback
    • Other service’s opening times may vary.

    Our Benefits and Council Tax advice services are available by making an appointment over the phone.

    Council Tax and Housing Benefits phone lines are open 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday (except bank holidays).

    The civic area of the building will also be open later for meetings and events.

    Opening hours may change during bank holidays and over Christmas/New Year.

  • Can I take a virtual tour of the Council House?

    Yes, a virtual tour is available on Google Maps.

  • What services are available at the Council House?

    These services are available at the Council House:

    Blue badge applications
    Children in Care
    Council Tax and Non Domestic Rates*
    Derby Advice
    Derby Benefits*
    Derby Direct
    Derby Homefinder
    Electoral Services
    Environmental protection
    Families Information Service
    Food and Safety
    Health Watch Derby
    Homelessness and Housing Advice
    Housing and Council Tax Benefits
    Housing Applications
    Housing Standards
    Land Charges and Land Searches
    Learning Disabilities
    Planning Applications
    School Admissions
    Trading Standards
    Younger Adults Team

    * our Benefits and Council Tax advice services are by appointment only in the Council House.

  • How do I find out where I need to go in the Council House?

    We have a Meet and Greet team who will direct you to the correct area of our Council House's customer area. Our greeters wear our branded lanyard.

  • Can I just drop in to see a Council officer?

    The Benefits and Council Tax advisory services are by appointment only.

    We have two ticketing machines where you can take a ticket and wait to be called forward to see one of the advisors. These are for services only, not for specific 'Officers'.

    There are also a number of self-service PCs where customers can provide feedback, make payments, book services or get information about Council and local services.

  • I do not have a PC at home. How can I access your online services?

    It is quicker for you to access our services online and we want to help you. We have secure internet/web access in our libraries and at the Council House.

    Our self-service computers allow you to provide feedback, make payments, book services or get information about Council and local services.

    Don't worry if you're unsure how to use our online services - a member of our 'Meet and Greet' team will be around to help you.

  • How do I pay my Council tax bill?

    As a customer, you can pay two ways within the Council House:

    1. If you are paying by card you can avoid the queues and pay at one of our secure computers within our self-service area. Simply select Council Tax or other service you wish to pay for and follow the onscreen instructions. You can also do this in the comfort of your own home by visiting our online payments service.
    2. If you are paying by cash or card then you can go to one of our three cash payment kiosks in the Customer Services Centre at the Council House. Follow the onscreen instructions to make a payment or ask one of our staff located near the kiosks.
  • How do I book a Council service?

    Save yourself a journey and do it online using our customer service portal.

    The Council house also has a self-service area.

  • How do I leave some forms/evidence with you for my application?

    If you need your documents to be checked and/or scanned for a Benefits application, you will need to take a ticket from the ticketing machine or visit one of our local Housing Offices.

  • Is the Council House licensed for weddings and other civil ceremonies?

    Yes, the Reception Room, Civic Staircase and Mayor's Parlour are all available to hire for ceremonies.

    For more information visit the Weddings at the Council House webpage.

  • What public facilities are available in the Council House?

    There is a public wireless (Wi-Fi) network allowing customers and visitors to use their own computers/devices within the Council House both in the customer area and the café. Visitors can request an access password from the reception desk.

    There are customer toilets on the ground floor located near reception. A disabled peoples 'changing places' toilet is also located here. This is operated by radar key. Close to these facilities is a breastfeeding room and baby changing facilities.

  • I have a new baby, is there anywhere in the Council House that I can breastfeed?

    You are welcome to breastfeed anywhere in the public areas.

    If you would prefer to feed your baby in private, we do have a breastfeeding room on the ground floor. The room will be locked, but you can get a key from the customer service desk. We also have a baby changing room.

  • I am a disabled driver and have an interview at the Council House. I have a blue disabled people's parking badge, so where can I park?

    We have some spaces for disabled visitors, but you will need to contact the Council before you visit to arrange to have a parking space. There is a barrier system in place now in the car park, so when you arrive, please either call or text the phone number indicated or press the button to call for the barrier to be raised.

    There are also disabled parking bays:

    • on the Morledge
    • in the Assembly Rooms car park
    • on Osnabruck Square.
  • Do you have a changing places toilet?

    We have a changing places toilet in the Council House with a large changing area and a hoist. It has a Radar lock fitted and you can get your own personal Radar key from customer services. There are also standard disabled people's toilets in the building.

  • Do you have a unisex toilet available?

    Yes, we have a unisex toilet available in reception.

  • Do you have a prayer room for customers to use?

    We have 'The Quiet Place' for our employees, elected members and official visitors who may spend quite a time at the Council House, but we do not have this facility for customers.

    If you are with us for some time and need to pray, please speak to one of our 'meet and greeters' who will do their best to find you somewhere.

  • I feel uncomfortable about discussing my private life in an open plan area. Do you have anywhere private to speak to advisers?

    Yes, we have some interview rooms, so please let the service know you would prefer to be seen in an interview room.

  • Do you have any facilities for Deaf and hearing impaired people?

    We have induction loops, minicoms, SMS, Text Relay and the area is well lit for lipreading. British Sign Language (BSL) users can be directed to a video link to book appointments and request a service.

    We also have:

    • BSL information announcements on the customer screens
    • visual 'next ticket' announcements on screens throughout the Council House.

    These provide emergency evacuation instructions visually.

  • I am a visually impaired person and am worried about entering a new place and finding my way around. Is there any help?

    Yes, we have several meet and greeters who will help you. We have drop in callers, and audio next ticket announcements on screens throughout the Council House. These will also provide emergency evacuation instructions.

  • I am attending Full Council. Can I bring my bag with me?

    In the interests of safety and security, any visitors who attend evening public meetings such as Full Council will be asked to place their bags in secure lockers. These will be available free of charge.

    Large items such as banners or posters will also not be allowed in the public gallery.

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