Promotional space

The Customer Service Area in the Council House is an excellent space to promote your local charity, event or campaign.

promotional area

Protocols for using the Customer Service Area promotional space:

Before you book the space please make sure you read and agree to the Conditions of use for using the Council House promotional space. The protocols for using the area are:

  • Only one pop up banner is allowed in the promotional area
  • Leaflets can be placed in the leaflet stands
  • Posters above this space can be used as promotional/advert. The posters will need to be A1 in size. (booked through the e-form)
  • No items can be placed outside the allocated promotional area
  • All bookings must meet Health and Safety requirements
  • Maximum time for an area to be booked – one week.

How to book

If you would like to book the area please complete this e-form  or contact Facilities Management on 01332 640769. The form also allows you to request a quote for promotional items such as roll banners, posters or to display a message on our AV screens.

You can take a tour around the Council House with Google Maps.


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