Leadership of the Council

What is 'Council Cabinet'?

The Leader of the Council is usually the leader of the largest political group or coalition that commands a majority amongst the 51 councillors who represent Derby.

The Leader of the Council chairs Council Cabinet meetings and appoints the councillors who will discharge the executive functions of the authority. These councillors are known as Cabinet Members.

Any decision incurring a cost or saving above £100,000 is normally decided by an individual Cabinet Member at a public meeting. Any decision with a financial impact above £250,000 is decided by Cabinet Members sitting collectively in Cabinet meetings, which take place 12 times a year.

The Cabinet has overall responsibility for services in Derby and works within the overall policies and budget agreed by Council, a meeting of all elected members.

Council Cabinet makes recommendations to Council on key items of policy and the annual budget.

Find out more about your Cabinet members by reading their Portfolio pages. 

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