Communities, Neighbourhoods and Streetpride

JONATHAN_SMALE_FRONT_PHOTOCabinet Member for Communities, Neighbourhoods and Streetpride - Councillor Jonathan Smale

Councillor Jonathan Smale was first elected to represent Chaddesden Ward in 2016.

Since then, Councillor Smale has served as Vice Chair of the Communities Scrutiny Review Board and as a member of the Audit and Accounts Committee. Jonathan currently sits as a member of the Licensing Committee, having done so since June 2017.

Councillor Smale is the youngest Cabinet Member, having been involved in local politics since 2010. Jonathan is looking forward to working on such a wide ranging and visible portfolio. His personal interests include motorsport, rugby and football; he is a passionate Derby County supporter having held a season ticket for over 23 years.

As the Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Streetpride his responsibilities include:

  • Traffic and transportation
  • Grounds maintenance and street cleansing
  • Highways and engineering
  • Refuse and Waste management
  • Planning and Building Control
  • Bereavement Services
  • Neighbourhood Working

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