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Independent travel training

Independent Travel Training offers many benefits to the student as it;

  • Promotes independence and enables students to access positive social activities
  • Increases confidence and helps them to feel safer in their community
  • Helps to improve social skills and maintain relationships
  • Opens up many routes to further education, employment or leisure

See how a young person prepares for a bus journey for the first time.

Sophie wanted to take part in Travel Training to independently get to school and visit her wider community and worked with her Travel Trainer once a week on the return journey.

She began by travelling with her trainer but as she became more confident and her road safety improved, Sophie walked ahead whilst her trainer observed.

After a few weeks, Sophie's confidence had improved hugely and she began to travel on the bus by herself whilst her trainer followed in a car.

She then went on to travel without her trainer. Sophie's Travel Trainer worked with Sophie and her family to create a personalised programme which allowed her to achieve at her own pace. Sophie has gone on to learn new routes and has increased her lifelong opportunities. 

To see more of our successful Independent Travellers, visit the newsroom and see the Class of 2016 Graduate!

We spoke to Meghan Simpson who has recently become an Independent Traveller after successfully completing the Independent Travel Training Programme which was delivered by the Integrated Disabled Childrens’ Service based at the Lighthouse in partnership with Derby City Council.

Meghan is a 16 year old young lady who lives in the city with her grandparents who are also her carers and guardians.

You can listen to Meghan chat about the programme.

The travel training programme will provide students with a wide ranging package of support. This will include:

  • Coping with traffic and road safety
  • Learning the highway code
  • Confidence in using buses and trains
  • Journey planning
  • How to use timetables and visual aids
  • Where to get help
  • Personal safety
  • Money skills

Once the training is complete, the student will be presented with a certificate in recognition of the fundamental life skills they have gained and the hard work they have put into the training.

If you would like to refer a student for Independent Travel Training, or if you are a school that wants to provide Independent Travel Training to your pupils, please contact the Home to School Travel Team:

You can also find out more information from trentbarton buses and Arriva.


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