Primary Business Links Grant fund

What is the grant? 

The Derby Opportunity Area Board has three main priorities, namely: 

  • Priority 1: Increase the number of children achieving a good level of development in the early years.
  • Priority 2: Raise attainment in our primary and secondary schools.
  • Priority 3: Ensure that all our children benefit from a broad range of experiences throughout their school lives.

This grant is specifically focused on Priority 3.

In order to enhance social mobility, the Local Opportunity Area Board is keen to offer primary age children a broader range of opportunities to learn about and experience the world of work.  Therefore, the proposal is to use Opportunity Area funding to offer a single grant of £250,000 for an organisation to work in partnership with primary schools in Derby’s 7 most deprived wards to develop a programme of employer engagement with primary schools. 

What would the grants fund and what would be the priorities?  

The grant is intended to fund a range of activities that meet six key aims of:

  1. Increasing pupil’s awareness of career/work opportunities.
  2. Increasing pupils’ understanding of the link between education, qualifications and work opportunities.
  3. Reducing career/role stereotypes.
  4. Employability skills.
  5. Engaging parents, carers and the wider community.
  6. Sustainability and continuation.

 This grant covers all primary schools within the 7 most disadvantaged wards in Derby according to the Indices of Multiple Deprivation. These are: 

  • Chaddesden
  • Normanton
  • Arboretum
  • Derwent
  • Sinfin
  • Boulton
  • Abbey

In particular, the programmes must target disadvantaged young people and also work to address stereotypes, unconscious bias of all stakeholders and how to promote children from a diverse range of backgrounds to secure positive career progression routes.

Further information can be found in the guidance information.

Application Process

Funding is available through a formal application process; applications should be submitted on the Grant Fund Application form. Information on how applications will be assessed can be found in the Grant Fund Guidance. 

The closing date for applications is midnight, Sunday 3rd February 2019 and activities that receive funding must be completed on or before 31 August 2020. You should consider this within your planning. 

The intention is to award a single grant of up to £250,000 to an organisation or consortium. 


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