Talk Derby

W‌hat is TALK Derby?

Every child deserves to have the best opportunities in life.

TALK Derby aims to raise awareness of the importance of speech, language and communication development in children and young people, and provides practical support for it.

TALK Derby is funded by the Department for Education until August 2020 as part of the national Opportunity Area programme. It’s supported by Derby City Council, the Derby Opportunity Area and a wide range of other partners.

TALK Derby is for everyone who wants to see our city's children succeed. Show your support by making the TALK Derby pledge today.


For parents

TALK Derby is all about inspiring and encouraging parents to help their children develop as they should. It’s something that benefits us all – in families, communities, education and work.

Simple, relevant and genuinely two-way conversations with children help to build their understanding and communications skills. This makes them more confident in their ability to express feelings and ideas – broadening the range of words they know, helping them to learn and setting them up for better futures.

There’s a wealth of videos, materials and other guidance which you can access here.


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