School admissions - appeals

There are a number of cases each year where the school cannot offer a place, usually because they are full. If this happens to you, the Admissions service can give you information on other schools that may have places available.

If you want to take the matter further you can have your case heard by an Independent Appeal Panel who must be independent of the Council, in the case of foundation, voluntary aided schools and academies, by an Independent Appeal Panel that is independent of the school's admission authority.

This section gives you information about how to appeal against a decision to refuse your child a place at a:

  • community or voluntary controlled school
  • voluntary aided schools, foundation schools and academies
  • appeals for community or voluntary controlled schools
  • complete an appeal form for a Derby city community or voluntary controlled school.

Appeals for Voluntary Aided Schools, Foundation Schools and Academies

If you want to appeal against a decision not to offer your child a place at one of these schools you should write to the Chair of the Governors at the school in question.

Appeals can be made for more than one of your preferred schools (stated on your application form) at the same time.

You should not wait for the outcome of an appeal about one school before deciding to appeal about another.

Parents who have appealed unsuccessfully for a particular school cannot make another appeal at the same school, in the same school year, unless it can be shown that there has been a significant and/or material change in their circumstances.

Appeals for schools outside Derby City should be made in accordance with the published admission arrangements of the Council concerned.

Infant Class Size Appeals

The legal limit of 30 pupils per class in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes restricts the circumstances where an Appeal Panel can allow an appeal if it takes the class group above the 30 limit. For these year groups the Appeal Panel can only uphold an appeal if it is satisfied that:

  • your child would have been offered a place if the published admission arrangements had been properly implemented; or
  • your child would have been offered a place if the arrangements had not been contrary to the school admissions code and the legislation; or
  • the decision was not one which a reasonable admission authority would make in the circumstances of the case.

Whilst you may talk about your personal, social and domestic circumstances during an Infant Class Size Appeal hearing, the Appeal Panel is not allowed to consider them unless they are relevant to one of the three points above.


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