Understanding your child's diagnosis

SEND - understanding your diagnosis. What next?

Introduction to understanding your child's diagnosis

On this page is an overview of help and services open to parents. So, your child has been diagnosed. You didn't expect this to happen. It's ok to feel a whole range of emotions including:

green wordcloud - anger - vindicated - confusion - worry - guilt

All of the above are normal and natural feelings. Everyone is different and it can take some time to process. Some of you may have accepted this diagnosis and are ready to take things forward. This is where we can help and support you on your journey.

Contact are a charity for families with disabled children. They support families with the best possible guidance and information. They ‌have produced a very useful booklet called The Helpful Guide for Families with Disabled Children. If you would prefer a hard copy of this guide, then you can order one from the Contact Website.

More information on specific diagnoses

On this page: