Licence - pet shop


What will I need a Pet Shop Licence for?

You must get a licence from us if you wish to operate a business:

  • selling animals
  • keeping animals with the intention of selling them as pets.

This applies to any premises in Derby, including private properties.

Who cannot apply for a Pet Shop Licence?

You cannot apply if you have been disqualified from keeping a pet shop under any of the following Acts...

Are there any exemptions from needing a Pet Shop Licence?

You will not need a Pet Shop Licence if you keep or sell 'pedigree animals' which are bred by you or are the offspring of an animal you keep as a pet.

'Pedigree animals' means an animal of any description which is, by its breeding, eligible for registration with a recognised club or society that keeps a register of animals of that description.

How do I apply for a Licence?

Complete the Licence - Pet Shop application formand send this with the correct payment see our Licensing current fees . You can download it and complete it by hand. How to pay for General Licences. Here are the Pet Shop Licence Conditions.

We may use the information provided for the prevention and detection of fraud. We also share this information for auditing purposes.

Will I need to apply for anything else?

You may need other permissions in addition to those required from us.

You must obtain these before you begin your licensed activities.


Check whether you need planning permission before you make a licence application by emailing

Fees for Licensing Applications

  • Please see our Licensing current fees  for the current cost of a Pet Shop Licence. This does not include veterinary fees if an inspection by a vet is required.
  • A licence is valid for one year and operates from 1st January to 31st December.
  • You can apply at any time during that period.
  • An applicant can also apply for a licence to be granted for the following calendar year.

How do I renew my licence?

Complete the Licence - Pet Shop application form and send this with the relevant payment. How to pay for General Licences.

How we decide whether to grant a Pet Shop licence

We take into account the following...

1. Whether the animals have access to suitable accommodation at all times, including:

  • the size
  • temperature
  • lighting
  • ventilation
  • cleanliness

2. Animals will be suitably:

  • fed
  • watered
  • visited at suitable intervals

3. All reasonable precautions will be taken to prevent the spread among animals of infectious or contagious diseases.

4. Appropriate steps will be taken to protect the animals in the event of a fire or other emergency.

5. Animals will not be sold at too early an age.

How we process your Pet Shop application

Once we receive your completed application form, we will send an officer to inspect the premises. A veterinary inspection may also be required, if this is carried out the applicant will have to pay the relevant inspection fees.

Unsuccessful Pet Shop applications

On certain occasions a vet may recommend that a licence is not issued. If ,after consideration, we agree and decide that a licence should not be issued, you have the right of appeal to the Magistrates' Court against that decision.

Making sure that the welfare needs of the animals are met

You should make sure that all animals:

  • have a suitable environment (place to live)
  • have a suitable diet
  • are exhibiting normal behaviour patterns
  • are housed with, or apart from, other animals if applicable
  • are protected from pain, injury, suffering and disease.

What records do I need to keep?

You must keep a record of the livestock purchase and sales register

Records must be available for inspection by one of our officers or a veterinary surgeon.

Who is responsible for what in Animal Welfare?

See guidance notes for Who is responsible for what in Animal Welfare.

We have an Animal Welfare Charter.

The Public Register

See the current list of licensed pet shops

Opening times

Day Times
Monday 9.00am to 12.45pm
Tuesday 9.00am to 12.45pm
Wednesday 9.00am to 12.45pm
Thursday 9.00am to 12.45pm
Friday 9.00am to 12.45pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

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