Derby's Climate Change Strategy

This strategy sets out Derby's ambitions to embrace the challenges that climate change will bring in a proactive way. It acknowledges the severity and magnitude of this issue on the planet, the impacts this is likely to have across the world, and the role of humans in shaping our climate.

We have produced a handy Climate Change Strategy summary for partners and others to read and use. This presents key actions and priorities for the city in a simple way, helping us to engage with more people on the important work needed to address climate change.

The full version of the Climate Change Strategy and the summary version are available to download at the bottom of this page.


Aims of the Climate Change Strategy

The main aim of the Climate Change Strategy is to address this global issue at a local level in a way which benefits the people, economy and environment of Derby.

It is a starting point for future action; providing a framework through which we can all work together to make ourselves more efficient with resources, reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions, address the challenges that a changing climate will bring and embrace any opportunities that arise in taking forward this agenda.

The Hydroplant

We want this strategy to:‌

  • raise the profile and understanding of how Derby can proactively address climate change
  • develop a shared vision for Derby
  • recognise and build on the strengths of the city
  • identify the work we need to do to tackle this complex and challenging issue
  • promote a long-term and joined-up vision across all city partners that allows us to effectively plan together, to help manage the city’s response to climate change.

We want Derby to be a city that benefits from:

A thriving sustainable economy

Businesses are able to take advantage of technology, goods and services which enable them to use resources more efficiently while creating growth through innovation in low carbon markets.

Smarter travel option Local people and businesses choose to use a range of easily accessible and integrated lower carbon travel choices.
Energy efficient homes

Local people have homes that enable them to reduce their demand for energy and to use energy more efficiently.

A secure local and renewable
energy supply
Derby is able to reduce its reliance on energy from fossil fuels through a locally-generated, diverse, efficient and more secure energy supply.
Being prepared for a changing
Derby is able to plan, measure and respond proactively to the effects of climate change and to implications of resource scarcity.
An active community Local people and businesses are able to access skills and learning opportunities that promote positive action, collaboration and changes in behaviour.

As we move the strategy forward, we will be looking to residents, organisations and businesses to help us work more pro-actively with the key themes and actions to make Derby a more sustainable and resilient city.

the Silk Mill with blue skies

What can I do?

  • Use the Climate Strategy to help identify how you can contribute to the key aims of:
    • raising the profile and understanding of how Derby can respond to climate change
    • developing a shared city-wide vision for Derby on climate change
    • recognising and building on the strengths of the city to tackle climate change
    • promoting collaborative working across different organisations to help manage Derby’s response to climate change.‌
  • Look at the key themes - does your business or organisation fit into any of these categories?
  • Are you working on, or can you contribute to any of the actions suggested?
  • Are there other things that you are or can be doing?
  • Show your commitment by signing up to the Climate Change Declaration, outlining what you plan to achieve/contribute.
  • If you are a representative of an organisation or business, why not become a member of the Derby Climate Change Alliance and play a key role in the city’s action on climate change? Contact the Derby City Council Climate Change Team on 01332 640810 or email to find out more.