D2 Energy Efficiency frequently asked questions

European Regional Development fund logoD2 Energy Efficiency Audits and Grants aim to help small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) in Derby and Derbyshire to reduce their energy use.

Who are the energy efficiency audits and grants for?

SMEs: defined as companies with less than 250 employees and either a turnover of less than € 50m or a balance sheet total of less than € 43m. They must be no more than 25% owned by a company that isn’t an SME.

Where & when?

Derby and Derbyshire (also known as the D2 area) until October 2019.

What is supported?

Energy efficiency support for improvements to either premises or process equipment. This could include lighting, insulation, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, energy efficient equipment or renewables.


Through either grants or energy consultancy. This is determined by an energy audit process.

D2EE process

What do applicants need to do to start the process?

  • Complete an enrolment form and email to the D2 Energy Efficiency Team for discussion. A signed hard copy version will also be required via post.
  • Agree a date for an energy audit - the Project Officer will carry out a grant eligibility check.

What happens after the energy audit?

  • A report will be produced with recommendations for energy saving.
  • Preferred energy efficiency measures will be agreed between the SME and the Project Officer(s).
  • Support, e.g. further analysis or behaviour change advice, will be offered if no grant is applied for.

What is the process for eligible SMEs to apply for a grant?

  • SME will obtain three quotes for each of the proposed energy efficiency works, which will be submitted to the Project Officer(s) for analysis.
  • Once three suitable quotes have been submitted, and a preferred supplier chosen, a Project Officer will carry out the necessary calculations to ascertain monetary, carbon and energy savings for the proposed improvements. (Grant applications will need to meet a target saving threshold.)
  • A grant application form will be completed by a Project Officer which the SME will check, complete sign, and return.
  • The grant application, along with accompanying calculations and quotes, will be sent to the Project Board (by Project Officer) to request approval.
  • A Project Officer will draw up a legal Funding Agreement, which sets out the legal context, terms and conditions of the grant and the approved energy efficiency works for the site.

The table below shows the percentage of the overall cost that a business can expect to pay.

Grant Available% GrantYou PayOverall Project Cost
£2,000 65% £1,076 £3,076
£5,000 50% £5,000 £10,000
£10,000 50% £10,000 £20,000
£15,000 45% £18,333 £33,333

When can energy efficiency measures be installed?

  • Once the signed Funding Agreement has been mailed back to the Project Officer, the SME can commence installation of the approved energy efficiency measures.
  • Progress and completion of the works will be monitored by the Project Officer.
  • Required evidence and invoice to be submitted for the grant to be paid (in arrears).


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 Who should I contact?

Team Leader for Audits and GrantsProject Officers 

Gemma Sylva

Email: gemma.sylva@derby.gov.uk

Call: 01332 642029 

South: Bridget Bradley

Email: bridget.bradley@derby.gov.uk

Call:  07388 373589


Mid-North: Tom Veitch 

Email: tom.veitch@derby.gov.uk

Call: 07388 373590


North: Liz Pasteur 

Email: liz.pasteur@derby.gov.uk

Call: 07388 373588


D2 Energy Efficiency is delivered by Derby City Council, Derbyshire County Council and the University of Derby. The Councils run the audit and grants programme while the University of Derby offers product innovation and business support to SMEs across D2N2 wanting to take a bigger role in the Low Carbon economy.

D2EE partner logos

This project is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020.

Contact details

Post address:
Derby City Council
The Council House
Corporation Street
Phone: 01332 642029
Minicom: 01332 640666

Derby City Council
Council House
Corporation Street


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