Scott Property Case Study

D2 energy efficiency advice feeds into policy decisions at Scott Property 

Scott Property lets six offices suites in West Road House in Buxton. The business had previously invested in some LED lighting and insulation and was interested in advice from the D2 Energy Efficiency team about further energy efficiency improvements to save money for their tenants as well as improving working conditions.

A D2EE Project Officer carried out an energy audit, and recommended replacing the remaining fluorescent lighting with energy efficient LED lighting. Calculations indicated that this would save 9,560kWh and around £1,100 per year plus additional saving of around 20% in areas where occupancy sensors could be used. A basic evaluation of the use of solar panels at the property was also undertaken. Both of these measures could have attracted a D2EE grant.

d2ee scott ledsOnce she had read the audit report, Mandy Bromley from Scott Property contacted the D2 Energy Efficiency team:

Thank you so much for your detailed and concise energy report. The comparison you have done between the existing lighting and replacing it with LED is startling and is of great interest to us as both tenants and landlords. It is as they say a "no brainer".

We have decided not to apply for D2EE grant funding but instead upgrade the lighting and controls as and when the tenants renew their leases or the offices become vacant between lettings. Vacant offices will also allow us to upgrade the thermal wall insulation which you mention in your report. This may take several years to complete but we have already, since receiving your report, put in place a replace with LED policy for any broken light bulbs and fittings. This approach suits our current tenants as it is less disruptive to their business. Doing serious upgrades with tenants in residence is not an option.

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