Section 19 Flooding Investigations

Our Projects, Water and Flood Risk Management Team will attempt to investigate all incidents of flooding from local sources on request, but for some flood events we have a duty to undertake a formal investigation.

As a Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA), one of our duties under the Flood and Water Management Act (FWMA) 2010 is to investigate flood events that are considered locally significant and to publish a formal report into that event.

To trigger a formal investigation under Section 19 of the FWMA, a flood event must meet or exceed locally agreed criteria as follows:

  • An event where five or more residential properties, or two or more non-residential (industrial/commercial) have been internally flooded.
  • An event where a flooding problem is recurring and is supported by records or anecdotal evidence as having occurred more than once in a 10 year period for any given location.
  • An event where threat to life and/or threat of injury or harm has occurred
  • An event which affects an area or community with a concentration or high proportion of vulnerable people.
  • An event which impacts on critical infrastructure (water, sewage treatment, electricity/gas distribution, telecommunications and the strategic transport network) in excess of 12 hours before restoration of service.
  • An event which impacts on essential services (emergency services, NHS, local or central Government services) in excess of 12 hours before restoration of service.
  • However, for an event where the flood is perceived to have a 'known' cause and a risk management authority acknowledges that cause, no formal investigation will be undertaken.

Following the conclusion of a formal investigation, a report will be published on the findings of the investigation. The report will analyse the affected area and its flood history, summarise all of the information gathered during the investigation, identify relevant flood risk management authorities and where possible identify possible flood resilience actions that could be taken.

The following Section 19 Flood Investigation Reports are currently available on request by contacting the Projects, Water and Flood Risk Management Team directly:

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