SuDS Design and Adoption Guidance

We strongly promote SuDS and their use on new developments to ensure that Derby’s continued housing and employment growth is sustainable and the impacts on flood risk and the wider environment is managed.

An important part of a successful SuDS scheme is a robust maintenance plan to ensure that the SuDS continue to serve the development effectively for its lifetime.  Therefore, successful adoption of the drainage system is essential.

We are currently producing a SuDS Design and Adoption Guidance to support developers in producing a SuDS scheme that both operates effectively and is designed and built to standards that make it adoptable by Derby City Council.

The SuDS Design and Adoption Guidance will contain:

  • A summary of the legislative background of SuDS,
  • A summary of SuDS principles,
  • The design and adoption process for SuDS,
  • Derby City Council’s design standards for adopted SuDS, and
  • Information on how commuted sums for SuDS adoption will be calculated.

The SuDS Design and Adoption Guidance will be published here in 2017 and will be available for download. Alternatively, developers can contact the Projects, Water and Flood Risk Management Team directly for more information on SuDS adoption in Derby. 

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