Highway Flooding

What causes highway flooding?

Highway flooding is the ponding of water on the highway surface. Highway flooding can be caused by blockages to highway drainage systems (road gullies and pipes) However, highway flooding can also occur when the highway drainage network is in good working order simply by the sheer volume of rain water falling on the road surface which the drainage network cannot cope with.  

We are responsible for maintaining drainage systems on the adopted highway network, with the exception of trunk roads (motorways and major roads) which are the responsibility of Highways England.  The trunk road network can be found on the Highways England website.

Highway flooding can be dangerous to road users. If you notice a blocked gully in your area, please report it to Derby City Council by calling 0333 200 6981 or by reporting a highways problem online.

Highway gullies may drain to either:

  • highway drains (responsibility of Derby City Council)
  • public sewers (responsibility of Severn Trent Water)
  • directly to adjacent watercourses (responsibility of the riparian landowner)

In the event of a highway flooding incident, it is strongly recommended that you don’t walk or drive through flood water as in many cases, manhole covers may lift and become dislodged causing a safety hazard.

Reporting damaged gullies

Please do not attempt to repair any dislodged gullies or manhole covers yourself as this is extremely hazardous.

Instead, report any highway defects, including damage to the highway surface caused by flooding, directly to us and we will respond as urgently as possible. Please call Streetpride at Derby City Council on 0333 200 6981 or email streetpride@derby.gov.uk to report any highway safety issues.

Where highway flooding is caused by a burst water main, Severn Trent Water should be contacted immediately on 0800 783 4444 or report the problem to Severn Trent Water online

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