Fluvial (Ordinary Watercourse) Flooding

What is an ordinary watercourse?

An ordinary watercourses is any watercourse that is not classified as a main river, including any streams, ditches, drains, cuts, sluices, culverts, dykes through which water flows either permanently or occasionally.

As the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA), we are responsible for managing flood risk from ordinary watercourses.

Flooding from ordinary watercourses usually happens during or shortly following very intense rainfall. Unfortunately, publically accessible information is usually not available to help residents identify their risk of flooding from ordinary watercourses.

If you have any concerns about flooding from ordinary watercourses, or wish to report flooding from an ordinary watercourse, please visit the Report Flooding or Request Advice section.

Riparian ownership

If you are a riparian owner of a watercourse, for example if you live next to a watercourse, or a watercourse flows through your land, you have very important and specific legal responsibilities to manage flood risk. Further details can be found on the Riparian Ownership page.

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