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Who produces the planning policy guidance?

We work with Derbyshire County Council to produce planning policy guidance for developments that deal with the management of the waste we produce.

What area does it cover?

It covers the administrative areas of Derby and Derbyshire, outside the Peak District National Park.

What current planning guidance on waste developments in Derby is there?

We have produced a:

The Waste Local Plan

In March 2005 we adopted a Waste Local Plan along with Derbyshire County Council. This Plan guides the decisions on any planning applications for developments associated with the management of the waste we produce.

The Plan has policies covering all types of waste, not just household waste. It will complement the Derbyshire Waste Management Strategy which only deals with way the councils across Derbyshire deals with waste from peoples homes.

The policies cover:

  • development associated with recycling (such as recycling centres)
  • reuse of waste (such as community composting areas and and plants to process waste)
  • disposal of waste (including landfill sites).

From February 2008, following a Government Direction, we no longer use the W1a policy.

The 'Statement to assist applicants in preparing planning applications for waste development'

As well as the Waste Local Plan, we have worked with Derbyshire County Council to produce a joint statement to assist applicants applying for planning permission for waste development.

The statement will assist applicants to identify those parts of the DPD, and other policies and pieces of evidence, which would be significant factors for each council to consider whether or not, or in what form, to grant planning permission. The statement draws on the site selection work undertaken in the preparation of the abandoned DPDs. The statement can be viewed on Derbyshire County Council's website.

What new plans are being produced?

In 2009 we started work on the Waste Core Strategy Development Plan Document (DPD). This plan will guide the decisions on any planning applications for developments associated with the management of the waste we produce, up to 2030 and will supersede the Waste Local Plan

It will have a Waste Implementation Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) to complement it. Up-to-date news on the preparation and consultation opportunities for the Waste Core Strategy DPD is available on the Derbyshire County Council website.

We ran consultation on the plan - these, and up-coming consultations, can be viewed on Derbyshire County Council's website.

Until it is complete, we will follow the Waste Local Plan, the Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) and relevant policies in Derby City's Local Plan Review to determine planning applications for waste developments in Derby.

Where can I see the Scoping Report of the Sustainability Appraisal for the new plan?

As part of the process of preparing Development Plan Documents we have to prepare a Sustainability Appraisal of the effects of each of the plans on environmental, social and economic resources.

Sustainability Appraisals are written in accordance with Government guidance and regulation. They must be prepared in stages, as the plans are prepared. The first stage of this process requires the preparation of a Scoping Report.

We have now prepared the draft of the Joint Scoping Report for the Sustainability Appraisal of these two Development Plan Documents.

Where can I see details of consultation on the 'Big Choices' for the Waste Development Plan Document for Derby and Derbyshire?

Following work to gather baseline evidence and consider general ways forward, we have consulted the public, interest groups and industry on a series of questions, called 'Big Choices'. People's answers to the questions will help us to make decisions about the important issues on ways forward for the Waste Development Plan Document. 

The consultation reports give background information, including initial estimates of how much waste will be generated over the next 20 years and descriptions of different types of waste treatment. The main report asks a series of questions ('Big Choices') which we asked people's views on.

You can see the reports on Derbyshire County Council's website or in the Matlock office. For a paper copy, contact Derbyshire County Council on 01629 539817.

More information

For up to date details of what is going to happen next, including details of further consultations on waste policy planning please visit Derbyshire County Council's website. You can also see the latest version of the plan on the website.

You can look at the Plan at our offices at the Council House, or at Derbyshire County Council's offices in Matlock.

If you would like to know more about waste planning, please contact us.

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