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What is the Minerals Plan?

We work with Derbyshire County Council to produce planning policy guidance in mineral local plans for developments involving mineral extraction in the area. The Minerals Plan will help when determining any applications for minerals developments, for example quarries.

It covers all of Derby and Derbyshire, outside the Peak District National Park.

What current planning guidance on minerals developments in Derby is there?

We have produced a:

Minerals Local Plan

In April 2000, together with Derbyshire County Council, we adopted a Minerals Local Plan for Derby and Derbyshire, outside the Peak District.

This guides decisions on planning applications for the extraction of minerals and associated works in the area. 

Guidance in the Plan include:

  • allowing for the supply of enough of the minerals of the types that we need, like sand, gravel, limestone and coal
  • ensuring that the environment and communities are properly protected
  • showing where minerals can be worked
  • showing where applications will be refused permission
  • setting out the 'tests' we will use in deciding on planning applications for working minerals, as well as for restoring sites after work has finished.

The Plan was slightly revised in 2002 to take into account changes in government policy on coal extraction.

If you want to see the Minerals Local Plan:

Please note, from 27th September 2007, following a Government Direction, the following policies are no longer to be used: MP8, 9, 14, 20, 26, 30 and 31.

Statement to assist applicants in preparing planning applications for aggregate minerals development

Along with the Minerals Local Plan, we have also worked with Derbyshire County Council to produce a joint statement which assists applicants applying for planning permission for aggregate minerals development.

The statement will help you to identify those parts of the Development Plan Document (DPD) other policies and other matters, which would be significant factors for each council to consider whether or not, or in what form, to grant planning permission. The statement draws on the site selection work undertaken in the preparation of the abandoned DPD. The statement can be viewed on Derbyshire County Council's website.

Supplementary Planning Guidance

We have also produced Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) on the after-use of sand and gravel workings. After public consultation, a final version was adopted in January 2005.

The SPG can be viewed on Derbyshire County Council's website, or contact us and you can view it in our office.

What new plans are being produced?

Until the new Minerals Core Strategy Development Plan Document (DPD)  is adopted, the saved policies of the Minerals Local Plan and relevant policies in Derby City's Local Plan Review will give the main policy guidance for determining planning applications for minerals developments in Derby. 

The Minerals Local Plan will set out the detailed planning strategy and policies to enable the delivery of sustainable minerals development in Derbyshire and Derby to 2030. A consultation will commence on 7 April 2015 and run until 31st August 2015 and represents the next stage in engaging the wider community of Derbyshire and Derby in developing the vision, objectives, strategies and policies of the Minerals Local Plan. The purpose is to invite comments and suggestions on elements of the Plan through a series of prepared consultation strategy papers and their respective supporting papers. 

The easiest and quickest way to read the papers and then submit your responses is to use our electronic consultation system or contact Derbyshire County Council. 

Where can I see the Scoping Report of the Sustainability Appraisal?

As part of the process of preparing Development Plan Documents we have to prepare a Sustainability Appraisal of the effects of each of the plans on environmental, social and economic resources. Sustainability Appraisals are complex documents, which are prepared in accordance with Government guidance and regulation. They must be prepared in stages, as the plans are prepared. The first stage of this process requires the preparation of a Scoping Report.

We have now prepared the draft of the Joint Scoping Report for the Sustainability Appraisal of these two Development Plan Documents.

More information

For up to date details of what is going to happen next, including details of further consultations please visit Derbyshire County Council's website.

If you would like to know more about minerals planning in Derby, please contact us.

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