Local Plan, Part 1 Core Strategy Proposed Main Modifications Consultation

On 17 August the independent Planning Inspector examining the Local Plan wrote to the Council to confirm that we could proceed to the next stage of plan making by consulting on proposed Main Modifications to the Local Plan.

The proposed Main Modifications have arisen following the submission of the Local Plan, in December 2015 and the subsequent public hearings which were held in April and May 2016.  At the hearings the Council formally requested that, in accordance with Section 20 (7C) of the 2004 Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act (as amended by Section 112 of the Localism Act 2011), the Inspector present modifications needed to ensure that the Core Strategy is ‘sound’. 

Comments were invited on the proposed Main Modifications to Derby City Local Plan - Part 1 Core Strategy: Pre-Submission document dated August 2015.  The Main Modifications are those which the Inspector considers are necessary to make the plan sound and/or legally compliant. As a result of the proposed Main Modifications we were also asking for comments on an amendment to the Policies Map relating to Friar Gate Goods Yard. To accompany the proposed Main Modifications the Council has also updated its Sustainability Appraisal of the Plan.

Responses Received

13 Natural England 

16 Highways England 

32 Derbyshire County Council 

63 Commercial Estates Group 

146 Miller Homes 

420 Erewash Borough Council

451 Environment Agency 

536 Mr Peat

648 Woodland Trust 

657 Mr Gibbons

727 JGP Properties Ltd 

860 Mr Wingfield 

1028 Kentucky Fried Chicken 

1032 Historic England 

1043 Poyser 

1045 British and Continental 



The consultation ran for six weeks beginning on Wednesday 14 September 2016 ending at 5:00pm on Thursday 27 October 2016.

The following documents were available for consideration:

Proposed Main Modifications August 2016

Proposed change to the Policies Map – Friar Gate Goods Yard

Proposed Main Modifications Sustainability Appraisal August 2016 

Main Modifications Consultation form

We also produced a Local Plan, Part 1 Core Strategy Pre-Submission Track changed version of the Derby City Local Plan – Part 1: Core Strategy: Pre-Submission‌ so that the changes to the plan can be seen in context.  The Proposed Main Modifications are clearly shown in bold and red, with the Main Modification number shown next to the relevant text. Where new text is proposed it is shown as underlined and where is proposed for removal it has been struck through, as set out below.

Insertion of text (coloured red in the document)

Removal of text  (coloured red in the document)

The Council also published a Schedule of Minor Modifications September 2016, including proposed changes to the Policies Map. These contain minor factual changes, updates, correction of errors or minor re-wordings and are not considered to affect the soundness of the plan. These are published alongside the Main Modifications for completeness but did not form part of the consultation.


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