Neighbourhood planning

Neighbourhood planning allows local communities more control over the future of their neighbourhood. This can be done through writing a Neighbourhood Development Plan, creating a Neighbourhood Development Order or writing a Community Right to Build Order.

  • neighbourhood planning is optional
  • you do not have to prepare a Neighbourhood Development Plan or Order to influence development in your area - there may be other ways you can help to achieve the vision for your local area
  • it is up to local communities to decide whether to use some or all of the new powers, or whether other planning tools may be a better way of realising local ambitions.

Neighbourhood Development Plan

This is similar to, and will complement, our Local Plan. The plan sets out a vision for an area and policies which will help shape the future of an area. Once a Neighbourhood Plan has been examined by an independent inspector and approved through a local referendum, it will become part of our development plan.

Neighbourhood Development Orders

These can grant planning permission for specific types of development in a particular area. They will be assed by an independent examiner before the proposal progresses to a referendum.

Community Right to Build Orders

Appropriately constituted community groups can identify land for new, small scale development.

In all cases, only groups who have followed the procedure set out in the Localism Act and approved by the Council can write these documents.

To find out about an area that is going through this process go to the Chellaston Neighbourhood Plan webpage.