Pre-application advice for residents


Important announcement

Changes to development management advice

From 1 July 2016, we will no longer be able to maintain the current free duty officer appointments and a fee will be applied for all Preliminary application (pre-app) advice and general planning enquiries. This includes telephone calls, emails and all other correspondence relating to development proposals.

Details of the new pre-app charges.

Do I need planning permission to build?

This is usually the first question we are asked when someone wants to carry out development work at their property. Some works do not need planning permission and can be carried out under the permitted development rights. We have produced guidance notes broken down into different types of development work. Use the guides to check whether your proposal will or will not require planning permission:

Changes to permitted development rights

Legislative changes have introduced new procedures for some single storey householder extensions, this legislation relates to larger single storey rear extensions:

  • between three metres and six metres for terraced/semi-detached houses (from rear wall of original dwelling)
  • or between four metres and eight metres for detached houses (from rear wall of original dwelling)
  • further conditions/limitations will apply, further information can be found on the Planning Portal - Larger Home Extensions

Important points:

  • The new changes require that applicants submit a prior notification application with a basic level of information for the application to be determined by the local planning authority. Further information and the prior approvals form can be found on the Planning Portal.
  • Your extension cannot be started until we have notified you that the prior approval has been approved by the local planning authority and/or within 42 days from the submission date.
  • Please note that that these changes are for a temporary three year period, and all development must be completed by 30 May 2016.
  • For householder single storey rear extensions below three metres for terrace/semi-detached houses and four metres for detached houses (from rear wall of original dwelling) the existing permitted development rights still apply (see guidance notes below).

There are a set of interactive houses on the Planning Portal that also give advice:

  • Planning Portal Interactive Detached House
  • Planning Portal Interactive Terrace/Semi Detached House
  • Planning Portal Interactive Guide to Loft Conversions
  • Planning Portal Interactive Guide to Erecting Porches
  • Planning Portal Interactive Guide to Extensions
  • Planning Portal Interactive Guide to Outbuildings
  • Planning Portal Interactive Guide to Conservatories.

We advise that you always check in detail that the proposal is permitted development. For a formal confirmation you should apply for a Lawful Development Certificate (LDC), this is not a planning application, however it a formal determination that your work is lawful. This option is well worth considering even if you are sure your project is permitted development. If you should later want to sell your property a LDC may be helpful to answer queries raised by potential buyers or their legal representatives, and will also provide reassurance to yourself that your work is lawful. As this is not a planning application there is no requirement for us to consult the public, however we strongly advise you to talk to your neighbours about the proposal.

The Development Control Team in Derby:

  • controls development within the city through the planning guidelines
  • provides information and advice on the planning process to the people who live in, and carry out development, in Derby
  • processes all planning applications within the city.

We also investigate breaches of planning legislation through the Enforcement Team:

  • new buildings
  • extensions to existing buildings 
  • change of use of buildings
  • work to listed buildings
  • control of certain advertisements and work to protect trees.

Development Control does not control how a building is constructed. Contact our Building Consultancy Team who covers this, and they will help and advise you with the regulations on building construction. 

Duty officer and pre-application advice

Are you still unsure if you need permission or want general planning advice? We have a duty officer available Monday 10am to 4pm on an appointment basis. Contact Development Control to make an appointment.

Appointments are limited to 30 minutes for each property and can be booked up to one month in advance. All appointments are now charged for, please refer to the charges table.

The advice given will be objective, on the basis of the information available at the time. This might include information about relevant planning policies or standards and previous decisions. If you want to see the duty officer about a proposal, we suggest that, before your appointment you should, put your ideas on paper.


Alternatively please fill in a Pre-application Form ‌and return it with payment and any information or plans you wish to submit at the outset for us to consider. We will not progress your request for advice, until we have received payment.

We recommend the following is submitted with any pre-application:

  • Pre-application form
  • Supporting statement (outlining development proposal)
  • Site location plan
  • Any proposal plans (site layout, floor plans, elevations, sections)
  • Any relevant surveys/reports carried out. 

How do I submit a planning application?

There are two ways to submit a planning application:

  • Apply online using the Planning Portal. The Planning Portal have provided a helpful service to submit your planning applications, they will also calculate your fee and you can pay your fee online. With this method we will receive your application, plans and supporting documents straight into our planning system, speeding up the administration of your planning application.
  • Download the correct form (PDF) from the Planning Portal and submit your completed form, with the correct documents and plans by post.  The PDF versions can be completed on screen and printed once complete. These forms will also have guidance notes to help you complete the form. If you are submitting a paper application, we only require two copies of all forms, certificates, plans and accompanying documents.

How we deal with planning applications.

Viewing planning applications online

We have two services available to search for planning applications within Derby.

Planning Appeals Register

To view the Planning Appeals Register, please use our eplanning service

Details of the new pre-app charges (from 1 July 2016)

Proposal criteria  Initial pre-app enquiry    Additional meetings  
200+ dwellings/more than 4Ha

Offices/industry/retail 10,000+sqm/more than 4 Ha

Other uses: 10,000+ Sqm/more than 2 Ha


Written response

£2500 £300 per hour
10-199 Dwellings/0.5 – 4 Ha

Other uses 1,000 – 9,999 Sqm/-2 Ha (outline 0.5-4 Ha)


Written response

£2000 £250 per hour
0-9 dwellings/0-0.5 ha

Other uses: 0-1000 Sqm

Site visit/meeting

Written response

£1000 £200 per hour
Works to Listed Buildings


Written response

Change of use (not incl. major developments/engineering work) Written response £100  

Householder proposals (per site)

Minor commercial extensions (per site)

Advertisement proposals (per site)

Written response

No site visit


Duty Officer appointments (not for agents/professionals)

30 minute appointment £20  

• Mixed schemes: Proposals involving both residential and non–residential development will be banded according to the residential standard, by treating 100 Sqm of non-residential floor space as equivalent to one residential unit.
• All pre-application charges include VAT at the current rate (20%).

Useful forms


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