Black waste bin

Black waste binWe collect household waste in black wheelie bins. To find out when your black bin is collected, please use our bin day look-up tool.


What can I put in my black bin?

Your black bin is for non-recyclable household waste.

Anything that can be recycled should be put in your blue recycling bin.

If you are not sure which bin something should go in, you can check our A-Z of recycling and waste.

Please do not put any stones, soil or building materials in your black bin.

If you are a business looking to dispose of your waste, we offer a commercial waste collection service.

Remember - when you present your bin for collection, there must be no extra bags of waste and the bin lid must be closed.

Additional black bins

If you have more than five people living in your household, and/or you regularly fill your black bin, you can apply for an additional one. You can apply online for an additional black bin. Our Waste Minimisation Officers will then be in touch to check if you are eligible.

Recycle as much of your waste as possible - all plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars, paper, cardboard, tins and cans can be recycled. Put these in your blue bin, and you will have more room in your household waste bin.

You can also try composting to dispose of some of your food waste. Please visit our composting page to see what you can put in a compost bin and how it works.

Bin collections and missed bins

Your recycling bin will typically be collected every fortnight. In some areas of the city, we have weekly collections. To check your bin collection schedule, please use our bin day look up tool.

If your black household waste bin has been missed, you can get in touch with us for help. Please visit our missed bin page to report if your bin has not been emptied.

Assisted black bin collections

If putting the bin out on bin day is difficult for you physically, we can look into setting up an assisted collection. This means the refuse collectors will take your bin from a pre-agreed spot which is more accessible for you. 

Other options: bulky waste and Raynesway

We offer a bulky waste collection service for large household items. You can book a collection online and find more information about pricing on our bulky collection page.

If you have a lot of household waste to dispose of, you can take your items to Raynesway Household Waste and Recycling site. You need a permit to visit the site - these are free and can be requested on our recycling sites webpage.

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