Household waste - clinical waste

yellow clinical waste sackWe offer a household clinical collection service. This has to be set up by the health service through your clinic, district nurse or doctor's surgery.

Your healthcare professional will need to complete a Clinical waste assessment form in order to set up a collection. Once this has been approved, we will collect your clinical waste free of charge.

Clinical waste must be stored in appropriate containers, yellow bags or sharps boxes. These will be supplied by your health service.

Please do not put clinical waste in your recycling bin.

For more detailed information, please take a look at the joint Derby and Derbyshire Clinical waste collection policy. This has been produced in partnership with the Derbyshire Local Medical Committee, West Pennine Local Medical Committee and the Derbyshire Community Health Services Trust.

What should I do with incontinence waste?

Incontinence waste can be placed in your black bin.

If you have any queries about the service, please email

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