Coffee shop cups

Choose reusable coffee cups

Coffee chains like Pret a Manger, Costa and Starbucks now offer a 25p (or more) discount on your hot drink if you bring your own reusable cup. This saves you money, as well as having a big impact on the environment.

100 billion single-use plastic cups are thrown away into landfill every single year. Many coffee chains have made their single-use cups as recyclable as possible, but the best way to reduce waste is by not using them in the first place.

Using a reusable cup instead is a sure-fire way to help the environment, especially if you buy one made from bamboo fibre or recycled plastic. These are often quite cheap - and you may only need to enjoy 10 discounted hot drinks before you have earned back the cost of your cup! 

Can you recycle coffee cups?

Many coffee shops have recycling points of their own where you can dispose of coffee cups. The bigger chains are happy to recycle cups from any shop, even high street competitors!

So, when you're done with your latte, pop the empty cup into an in-store recycling bin to give it a new life.

There is also a recycling point for coffee cups at Raynesway household waste and recycling centre. If you are visiting the centre to dispose of other materials, you can take coffee cups along with you to be recycled.

Unfortunately, we can't currently accept coffee shop cups in our kerbside recycling bins. The complicated combination of materials - which are difficult to separate - means that there are almost no recycling sites in the UK that will recycle them. The specialist bins in coffee shops will take cups to the few UK sites that can recycle them, so this is the best place to take your empty cups.

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