Waste and recycling - education

Reduce, reuse, recycle

We work with a range of local people and groups to help promote recycling. This includes children and young people through our work in work with schools, youth groups and scouts, brownies and more. We also work with adult groups such as Women's Institute meetings and Rotary clubs.

Our waste education programme is delivered in partnership with RRS (Resource Recovery Solutions) as part of our waste disposal contract.

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Talks and activities

We can deliver interactive talks on recycling, littering and composting to classes and school assemblies. Our environmental talks and activities can be tailored so they meet the national curriculum criteria and fit in with the topic you are covering.

Each workshop contains a mixture of practical activities and group discussion to explore the topic. Here are some of the workshops we offer:

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Pupils are encouraged to explore how they can reduce, reuse and recycle their waste, all while learning more about the amazing products waste can be turned into. 
  • Composting Champions. This workshop gives pupils the practical skills to start composting at school as well as at home. It lets them explore the basics of composting, including where best to locate a composter, what to compost and how it works.
  • ‌Where it comes from, where is goes (electrical waste). This workshop follows the journey of our electrical items from resource gathering and production through to disposal and recycling. It shows that there is more than meets the eye with items we take for granted every day. This workshop is suitable for KS2 only.

If you would like to request one of our workshops, please fill in our waste education workshop booking form.

A Plastic Ocean‌A Plastic Ocean

Made in 2016, the documentary 'A Plastic Ocean' is an eye-opening and inspiring look at ocean plastic pollution. We have an unlimited licence to show the 22-minute school-friendly version, and can offer this as a resource for schools.

We recommend this film for children aged 10+.

If you would like to host a screening of this short film, we are happy to attend your school to show the film in an assembly format, as a workshop, or during a lesson within a classroom.

We can also provide the complementary Plastic Oceans resource pack, which suggests activities and talking points to ensure students can continue thinking about the film's message after they have seen it.

Please get in touch with our Recycling team to find out more and book a screening of the film.

School assemblies - ocean plasticsSecondary school plastics sessions

Following the success of our plastics assemblies in Recycle Week 2018, we are rolling out these assemblies to secondary schools around Derby throughout the year. Named 'Is plastic fantastic?', this session discusses the real-life impacts of plastic on humans, animals, and the environment. 

We can tailor the session to your needs, so if you are interested in finding out more please contact the Recycling team.

The assemblies were a fantastic addition to our school's Recycle Week awareness campaign. Pupils were engaged, understood the content, and enjoyed the opportunities to participate. The assemblies were adapted to fit the length of time we had, and for the year group that was watching.

-  Murray Park Community School

Sinfin Waste Treatment Centre

The Sinfin Waste Treatment Centre is due to open later this year, and will have an education centre on site. When this opens, schools will be able to visit the centre to find out how waste is treated.

This short animation explains the treatment process that will take place at Sinfin:

Colleges and universities

We work with students across Derby to try to educate them about waste and recycling.

Students from the University of Derby worked in partnership with FromDusk2Dawn in 2012, producing videos which highlight how much food we throw away.

Here is one of the videos they produced:

Community groups

We also deliver talks and presentations to community groups within Derby. Community groups include:

  • Women's Institute
  • guide and scout groups.

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