Garden Recycling Scheme - brown bin

You can register for free garden and food waste collections in Derby. It's not too late - sign up today! The easiest way to register for the service is online.

‌What options for registration are there?

There are three registration categories:

  1. Auto-Registered - If you took part in the 2018 chargeable scheme, you will automatically be registered for free collections from April 2019. You do not need to fill in the registration form – all you need to do is put your bin out on the right day!
  2. Registration with brown bin - If you did not use the chargeable scheme but do have a brown bin at your address, you will need to register on the link above and can start free collections from April 2019.
  3. Registration without brown bin - If you do not have a brown bin at your address, you will need to register on the link above for free collections to start no later than August 2019. This will give us time to order and deliver your bin. Once you have received your brown bin you can start collections.

The registration form will take roughly 10 minutes to complete.

Collections will continue throughout the year from April 2019.

You can register for the free Garden Recycling Scheme at any point using the link above or you can register in person at the Council House, or over the phone by calling 0333 200 6981 (select option 1, then option 4)

What can I put in my garden recycling bin?

Garden Recycling Scheme 2019You can put any of the following in your brown bin:

  • Grass
  • Leaves
  • Flowers
  • Small twigs
  • Food waste!

If you do not have a usable brown bin at your address, you will be eligible for one free brown bin. Each additional bin after that will cost £40.

If you do currently have one or more usable brown bin, you will be able to use these from the start of your collections, free of charge. If you decide you would like an additional one to use from this year, this will cost £40 for each additional bin you request. This charge is for administration and delivery, rather than for the collections.

When you fill in the registration form, there will be an opportunity to request and pay for any additional bins you want for your address.

Food waste

Seedling logoNew for 2019, you can now recycle any odds and ends from your plate in your brown bin. Once you have a brown bin, please do not use your black bin for food waste.

How to put food waste into your brown bin:

  • loose
  • wrapped in a small amount of newspaper, for example a sheet or two
  • bagged in fully compostable and biodegradable food waste bags (the bags must display the seedling logo).

You can purchase caddies and compostable liners from the Get Composting website.

When will I find out my collection schedule?

Once you have successfully registered, you will receive a confirmation email.

Before your collections start, we will contact you by email or letter (depending on how you register) to let you know all the relevant information before your collections are due to begin.

Closer to the time, you can check our bin day look-up tool to see which day your bin will be collected on. Please note: not everyone will have their brown bin collected on the same day as their blue bin. Please check carefully when your information is sent to you.


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