Garden Recycling Scheme - brown bin

Garden Recycling Scheme 2018From April 2019, we will be collecting garden waste for free in Derby.

To enjoy hassle-free, fortnightly collections of your garden waste, we are asking residents to register to let us know how many bins they have or want.

Registration for the Garden Recycling Scheme will open on Wednesday 2nd January 2019.

How do I register?

From Wednesday 2nd January, you will be able to register using an online form. There are three options for registration:

  • If you have taken part in the 2018 chargeable scheme, you will automatically be registered for free collections starting in April 2019. All you will need to do is put your bin out on the right day!
  • If you have not taken part in the chargeable scheme, but you do have a brown bin at your address, register by Friday 1st March for free collections to start in April 2019. If you register after this date, your collections will begin once we have processed your registration.
  • If you do not have a brown bin at your address, you can still register by Friday 1st March 2019 for free collections to start from August 2019. This will give us time to order and deliver your bin.

We are asking people to register so that we can order the exact amount of bins that we need, and so we know how many bins we can expect to see on collection days.

Why should we recycle garden waste?

Recycling your garden waste is an excellent way to look after the environment.

When we collect your grass, leaves, flowers and twigs, we send it all to a composting facility where it is transformed into fresh compost. This is then used to help gardens grow again, meaning we don’t lose any of the rich nutrients from the original garden waste.

You can find out more about how garden waste is composted in this article on the Newsroom.

Reducing food wasteRecycling food waste

When your garden waste collections start next year, you will be able to put your food waste in the brown bin as well as any garden waste.

Food waste can be composted, so by putting it in your brown bin with the garden recycling we can prevent these valuable materials from going to waste.

Incredibly, food waste makes up roughly a third of the average household dustbin, creating huge volumes of waste across the city each year. Composting food is a more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective option. You can put any food waste in your brown bin, including bones, egg shells, and meat.


We will make any further announcements about the Garden Recycling Scheme on our Newsroom. You can subscribe to daily or weekly alerts to stay updated about Council news.

Remember: registration for garden collections in 2019 will open on Wednesday 2nd January.

If you would like to recycle any garden waste before collections begin in April, you can take it to Raynesway Household Waste and Recycling centre.


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