How does it get recycled?

Recycle for DerbyHave you ever wondered what happens to your recyclable rubbish once it's been collected?

The videos on this page (made by Recycle Now) explain how your recyclable materials get transformed into new products:

You can also find out how materials are sorted at the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF).

Recycling as much as possible can significantly reduce how much energy is used to create things from scratch. For example, it takes 95% less energy to create glass products from recycled material than making them from virgin materials. Furthermore, making plastics from recycled material uses 75% less energy.

Recycling also saves money:

  • Disposing of waste at landfills costs 10 times more than recycling does.

The more money we save on collecting waste for landfill, the more we can invest in projects, enhancing how your streets and neighbourhoods look and feel.

Take a look at our A-Z page to see exactly what can be recycled in Derby. 

How is plastic recycled?


How is paper recycled?


How is glass recycled?


How are tins and cans recycled?


How are cartons recycled?

 How do electrical items get recycled?


How is garden waste recycled?

Visit our Garden Recycling Scheme - brown bin page for more information.

How are materials sorted?

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