Raynesway Household Waste and Recycling Centre

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You can take household waste and recyclables to the Raynesway Household Waste and Recycling Centre at Raynesway Park Drive, Derby DE21 7BH.

This site is open from 8.00am to 6.00pm all year, except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

Please note, the more quiet times of the day to visit are generally 8.00–10.00am or 4.00–5.30pm. On bank holidays and following periods of nice weather, Raynesway tends to be much busier, and you may need to queue to gain access. Please consider visiting at another time in these cases.

To make your trip quicker, we encourage you to sort the different materials out before you visit the site. For example, please put all your paper in one bag, and garden waste in another.

When visiting the site, do not unload waste onto the walkways, and do not climb onto walls or containers.

For your own safety please make sure you wear appropriate shoes on site and adhere to signage and the guidance of site staff. If you need assistance, please see a member of staff or see the poster at the meet and greet cabin to find out which bay/s you need for your waste. 

Derby Recycles logoWhat can I take to Raynesway?

‌Householders can take the following to Raynesway:

Asbestos waste  Small amounts of sheeting or panels (please read our information before you visit otherwise you may be turned away).
Batteries Domestic and car.
Bric a brac Various items including ornaments, pictures and mirrors.
Cardboard All types from card food packaging to corrugated boxes.
CDs and DVDs  
Chemicals Small amounts (please read our information before you visit otherwise you may be turned away).
Cooking oil  
DIY waste Small amounts resulting from home projects can be taken to Raynesway, such as:
  • bricks
  • rubble, concrete, cement etc
  • plasterboard
  • bathroom fittings
  • soil or turf
  • paving slabs or stones.

Please read about limits on DIY waste and visiting Raynesway with a van or trailer before you visit or you may be turned away.

Drinks cartons  
Dustbin waste Excess household waste.
Electrical appliances All household items ranging from small items such as mobile phones and hair dryers, to fridge freezers and washing machines. Please remove personal data from items such as PCs, mobile phones and sat navs.
Engine oil  
Furniture Free standing furniture.
Garden waste (green waste) Except tree trunks and branches over 150mm diameter or, register for free collections.
Gas bottles If there's an identifying label on the side of the bottle, it can be taken to a stockholder in the LPG bottle retrieval scheme. If the bottle can't be identified, we'll accept it.
Glass bottles and jars  
Light bulbs  
Metal packaging Tins, cans and aerosols.
Paint If the paint is still usable, please consider donating it to an organisation such as Community Repaint.
Plastic bottles and containers Including hard plastics such as garden furniture.
Scrap metal  
Textiles and shoes  
Timber and wood Including chipboard and MDF.
Tyres Up to four tyres.

Your waste should be deposited in the appropriate bay. There should be no transferring of waste between individuals. Once waste has been deposited on site, it becomes the responsibility of the operators to manage. In order to maximise recycling, reuse, composting and recovery of the city’s waste, we do not permit items to be taken away by other parties.

What can't I take to Raynesway?

There are certain items of waste we cannot accept at Raynesway.

We cannot accept any of the following:

  • waste from a commercial business (we work with Nottingham City Council to offer a Commercial Waste Service
  • waste left with a householder by a tradesperson (ask them to provide a quote for waste removal as part of their work)
  • over 50kg of rubble or soil
  • scrap vehicles or vehicle parts (except for up to four tyres)
  • more than two window frames (with or without glass) or two doors from a DIY project
  • whole sheets of plasterboard
  • any waste arising from the demolition of buildings, garages or garden sheds
  • soiled pet bedding or litter. This is primarily due to the health risks posed to site staff who may accidently come into contact with this material. Site operatives do routinely open bags brought in to the site to check whether there are recyclables in them so if there is soiled pet litter on the bags it could come into contact with their skin. Apart from being highly unpleasant for them there is a risk of contracting diseases such as Toxoplasmosis.

If you are planning to carry out major refurbishment work to your house or garden we recommend you consider hiring a skip as part of the project or consider using our bulky waste collection service.

Limits on DIY waste

You can dispose of limited amounts of home DIY waste at Raynesway. This includes:

  • up to 50kg of concrete, cement, mortar, rubble, soil and turf (so two 25kg sacks) in a single visit.

and/or one of the following:

  • a bathroom suite: one bath, one sink, one toilet and one bidet only, one shower screen/cubicle
  • one or two window frames and doors (with or without glass)
  • small amounts of plasterboard or plasterboard products, not whole sheets
  • small amounts of asbestos waste.

If the number of visits and the amount of DIY waste being deposited is excessive, you may be turned away from the site. Therefore, if you are planning to carry out major refurbishment work to your house or garden we recommend you consider hiring a skip as part of the project.

Alternatively, we may be able to remove your waste as part of our commercial bulky waste service. Please complete our commercial waste collection form to request a quote.

Raynesway permits for vans and trailers

Raynesway is a facility for Derby residents using a private vehicle to dispose of their own household waste. To make sure commercial waste is not disposed of there, we operate a free permit system for vehicles that could be used by businesses.

All vans and pick-up trucks under 3.5 tonnes gross, and vehicles with trailers, need a permit to use the centre at Raynesway. If you are hiring a van, you will need to state how many visits you are intending to make to the site to receive a permit.

To request your free permit, complete the tip permit request online form with:

  • your name, address and telephone number
  • the vehicle registration number, make and trade number
  • a description of the waste you will be taking
  • the number of trips you expect to make.

Can I take asbestos to Raynesway?

Contact the Raynesway site either in person or by calling 01332 755482 before you visit to make sure they can accept your material. Please note that the phone is not always manned. 

Generally, they can accept:

  • small quantities of asbestos waste from minor repair works to roofs and guttering
  • a maximum of three sheets or panels of asbestos, measuring six foot by three foot (1.83m x 0.91m).

Do not break or cut the asbestos to fit plastic bags. Ideally, it should be double-wrapped in plastic sheets. You should dampen the asbestos before lifting or moving it to help prevent the release of asbestos cement fibres.


  • double-wrap sheets/panels in plastic sheeting or bags
  • to help us move them, don’t break up the sheets/panels
  • we won’t allow you to make a return visit
  • you must dispose of larger quantities by private registered asbestos removal contractors.

Taking chemicals to Raynesway

Contact the Raynesway site either in person or by calling 01332 755482 before you visit to make sure they can accept the chemicals. Please note that the phone is not always manned.

Generally, Raynesway can accept small quantities (a maximum of five litres or five kilograms) of hazardous waste, such as pesticides, mercury and petrol.

How do I get to Raynesway?


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