Household waste - bin collection times

clockWhat days and times do you collect?

We run household waste and recycling collections from Tuesday to Friday, 6.30am to 4.30pm. Find your household's collection day and get an up-to-date collection calendar by using our bin day look up tool.

How do I find out when my bins are emptied?

You can check your household's latest collection day/week by entering your street name or postcode into our bin day look up tool.

For more information, visit our Household waste - what to put in which bin page.

When do I need to put my bin out and when should I take it in?

Make sure your wheeled bins/recycling bag are out on your collection day by 6.30am and leave them until 4.30pm. Please take them in before 12.00 noon the day after your collection.

Please don't report your bin as being missed until after 4.30pm as our collection teams may still be working in your area.

My bin(s)/bag haven’t been collected. What should I do?

If it's after 4.30pm and your wheeled bins/recycling bag haven’t been collected, complete a missed bin online form. If it's our fault, we will collect missed bins or bag within two working days.


  • place your wheeled bins/bag by the edge of your property, the kerbside, or at the agreed collection point
  • put your wheeled bins/bag out safely so that they don’t cause an obstruction
  • make sure your wheeled bin lids are closed
  • take in your wheeled bins as soon as possible after collection to stop them being used to aid burglaries or anti-social behaviour
  • put the correct waste in each bin - visit our Household waste - what to put in which bin page for more information. Remember, if the wrong thing is in your recycling wheeled bins/bag, we won't be able to empty them.

Please don't:

  • leave extra bags of waste or recyclables that should go in your wheeled bin at the side as they won't be collected
  • overload your wheeled bins - we won't be able to empty overloaded or heavy bins
  • leave your wheeled bins/bags out later than 12.00 noon the day after your collection.

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