Community benefits

The Our City Our River project reduces the flood risk to local communities, but it's not just about building a wall, it also has a broader impact and provides many other community benefits.

Archaeological investigations on site for Our City Our River

Picture of archaeology investigations at the Silk Mill

Archaeological investigations are required to ensure all sensitive areas within the project area have been identified and mapped.

Trent & Peak Archaeology have been appointed to carry out the archaeological investigations for the project by ‌our contractor GBV JV Ltd. 

Archaeological excavations have been completed at the following locations:

  • Chester Green (around the community centre and tennis courts)
  • Duke Street (near St Mary's Bridge at the junction of Duke Street and Sowter Road)
  • Sowter Road (near back of Silk Mill Museum at site of historic water trench that supplied the old mill wheel)
  • back of Etruria Gardens just off City Road.

You can find further information in the progress report compiled by Trent & Peak. 

Environmental benefits

Environmental benefits include the landscaping of areas on Duke Street, City Road and Eutruria Gardens. Trees, shrubs and grass have been planted to enhance the areas adjacent to the river. The grassed areas are going through an establishment phase. More planting will take place in Autumn 2019 and any tree, shrub, or grass not established will be replaced.  

The Munio Projects has more details about the Munio environmental benefits.

Darley Park path

In summer 2019, a multi-user pathway will be built along the west bank of the River Derwent stretching from Darley Grove to Dean's Field car park in Darley Abbey. Connectivity will be improved between Darley Abbey and Derby and also access improvements to the riverside at Darley Park.

Sports facilities

New sports facilities, including tennis courts are being built at Darley Playing Fields and will open in September 2019.

School Visits

We have engaged with local schools so that more can be learnt about the Our City Our River Project through visiting the site.

Site visits also create the opportunity to find out more about careers in the construction industry.

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