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At Riverside Chambers on Full Street a new flood alleviation wall has been built to the rear of the building.

A new flood gate barrier has been installed.

This area has been redesigned and landscaped

Improvements have been made to the existing flood mitigation and alleviation banks on the west side of the Derwent.

The main construction works in the city centre locations took place in summer 2019 and finished 2020.

Works have been carried out to improve the access path to the nature reserve and to Midland canoe club.

The wild flower meadows have been enhanced with a wider range of wildflowers to improve the habitat for insects in line with recommendations set out in a botanical survey. Interpretation boards will also be installed to help visitors with identification and appreciation.

The plan remains for selected trees will be removed from the river edge with new marginal planting to provide a more diverse habitat. 

The work has been delayed due to work on the Silk Mill refurbishment

Selected trees have been removed along the riverside to open up views of the river and allow space for new marginal planting. 

Woodland management of retained trees with the removal of deadwood and overhanging limbs. Bird boxes and bat boxes have been installed along the riverside as recommended by the ecologist.  An artificial otter holt (den) on the riverside has been installed.

Views of the river have been opened up and invasive plants treated. Wildflower meadow areas created alongside pleasant grass areas with picnic areas at a number of locations along the river.

Current seating areas will be refurbished and new interpretation boards will be installed to help identify the local wildlife. An artificial otter holt (den) will also be installed on the riverside.

Invasive plants along the lake edge have been removed and replanted around the island in deeper water will restrict the waters flow.

The silt has been redistributed and marginal planting has been completed around the border of the lake with a range of plants and netting to protect them from grazing ducks and geese.

A backwash lagoon has been created against the river edge as a refuge for young fish during high water levels.