Syringe disposal

We are responsible for keeping the city clean and free of litter and we remove needles and drug related litter as part of the street cleaning programme.

We have a dedicated needle collection team who regularly check known hot spots. Many of our street cleaners are also trained in the safe disposal of needles and other drug related litter.

If you find a needle in a public place, you should contact the Streetpride Team.

What should I do if I see a needle or syringe?

Complete the needles and syringes removal form and give as much information as you can so we can find it and remove it as soon as possible.

Please don’t:

  • ignore it
  • touch it
  • hide it
  • kick it down a drain
  • put it in a dustbin, litter bin or down the toilet.

I’ve seen a needle in a really dangerous place, should I move it?

If you find it in a place where the site is managed, such as a bus station, nightclub and some public parks, report the find to the manager as they should have trained staff who can dispose of it straight away.

If you think it's an immediate danger to others and you can move it without risk to yourself:

  • Find a suitable container, such as a metal drinks can or plastic bottle.
  • Take the container to the needle or syringe.
  • Handle the needle/syringe carefully, avoiding the needle - ideally this should be done with tongs, tweezers or heavy duty gloves.
  • Put the sharp end in the container first and then wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Keep the container somewhere safe until the syringe is collected.

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