Pest control charges: Businesses and landlords

For all our businesses and private landlords we offer a reliable, competitively priced service, tailored to your specific needs. We have a qualified, experienced team who are able to arrange a specific contract or one-off treatments to treat a range of pest species using professional products. 

For all commercial treatments please ring our Pest Management Service on 01332 641994 or email and they will be able to provide you with further information and make a booking.

We reserve the right to refuse to treat a premises if a domestic booking has been made incorrectly when the premises is commercial, for example; private landlord or housing association. The commercial call out fee of £70 will be charged. Where a booking has been made for wasps but it is established that it cannot be treated or the insects are bees the call charge is £35. 

Charges for business and private landlords
Type of service Conditions  Over the phone charge, inc VAT
Cluster flies and other insects
Please contact us by email or call 01332 641994 to discuss your individual requirements
Wasps one nest £79 Each extra wasp nest £33/nest.
Wasps ladder needed


Bed bugs 3 bedrooms or less £163
Bed bugs 4 bedrooms £195
Bed bugs 5 bedrooms or over £227
Fleas/carpet beetles 3 bedrooms or less £151
Fleas/carpet beetles 4 bedrooms £173
Fleas/carpet beetles 5 bedrooms or over £206


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