Squirrels: Information and advice

How to identify them 

  • Squirrels are mainly a inhabitant of broadleaved and mixed woodlands they are also a common resident of urban parks and gardens.
  • They frequently enter domestic roof spaces to sleep and hibernate.
  • Once inside they chew woodwork, strip insulation from electrical wiring and water pipes, tear up fibreglass insulation and, occasionally, drown in water tanks.
  • Grey Squirrels are classed as a pest but their cousin, the Red Squirrel is a protected species due to their rarity.

Pest Control Squirrel 

How are they treated? 


For the treatment of squirrels our Pest Management Service will carry out a survey of your property, if there is evidence of activity, will treat using a specific rodenticide that is only available to professional technicians.

Businesses should contact the pest control team for more information and to discuss specific requirements.




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