Weights and measures

Scale testingWhat are weights and measures?

The law says that consumers should receive the correct amount of goods that they buy from traders. Most goods are sold with a reference to quantity, usually its weight or measure and include goods sold by:

  • pints
  • litres
  • grams
  • metres.

It is our responsibility to make sure businesses are giving consumers what they have paid for. We do this by:

  • inspecting weighing and measuring equipment in trade use including petrol pumps, shop scales, weighbridges and beer glasses
  • carrying out factory inspections to ensure the correct quantities are packaged
  • advising traders about weights and measures law
  • responding to complaints from consumers and traders who suspect they may have received the incorrect amount.

Where can I find more information?

The following articles are published by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute and outline the weights and measures requirements for a wide variety of business types:

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