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I look after someone - does that mean I am a Carer?

‘A Carer is anyone who cares, unpaid, for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction cannot cope without their support’

The person you care for could be:

  • your husband, wife or partner
  • a family member such as parent, brother, sister, son or daughter
  • a friend or neighbour

Carers Pledge

Derby City Council launched the Carers Pledge in June 2014, the pledge recognises and supports Carers within Derby and sets out our commitments to Carers. The following are our commitments and what they mean in terms of support and services.

All the services for Carers are provided by voluntary sector providers commissioned by the Council

This Pledge has been refreshed to show the changes reflective of the Care Act 2014. The Care Act is a change in the law giving informal carers the same recognition and parity with those they support. This will come into force for all Local Authorities in England from 1 April 2015, and highlights a duty to promote the wellbeing of individuals. 

Keep Carers better informed about what help is available to them in Derby

We will ensure that the information provided on our website is clear and up to date, along with making links to other relevant partners or services.
Derbyshire Carers Association produces a quarterly newsletter, the latest addition can be found on their website.

For advice on all Welfare Benefits and money/debt problems and budgeting, Derby Advice provide free confidential and independent advice. See our welfare rights webpage for more information.

Offer a Carers Assessment to all Carers

If you support someone who is 18 or over and the person you care for is resident in Derby, even if you live outside the city, you are entitled to a carer assessment. You may be eligible for support in your own right, whether or not the adult for whom you care has eligible needs.
All carers can complete a carer assessment. The carer assessment seeks to identify:

  • the needs that you, as a carer, may have in relation to your wellbeing
  • the outcomes you wish to achieve in your day to day life
  • whether you work or wish to
  • your education, training or recreation needs
  • how the person you care for could be supported in n emergency.

If you would like an assessment you can

  • contact Derbyshire Carers Association directly or complete the referral form. You will then be contacted by Derbyshire Carers Association to arrange an appointment either as a home visit or at the Carers Centre on Babington Lane.
  • or you can complete the assessment independently and then take it to the Derbyshire Carers Association to discuss.
  • or, if the person you care for is eligible for support from the Council, then you can choose to complete your Carer Assessment at the same time as the assessment is completed for the person you care for.

Promote Carers' rights at work to ensure Carers are recognised and can access support, to enable them to continue their caring role and their career

It is a legal right to offer Carers flexible working and time off in an emergency. You can discuss this with your employer and get support from Derbyshire Carers Association in accessing these rights.

Provide training for Carers to equip them to provide better care and support

Becoming a Carer can happen overnight and may require you developing new skills and knowledge. There are a range of options that could support you to increase your skills and knowledge, to enable you to most effectively support the person that you care for.  These options will be discussed with you when you complete your Carer Assessment. 

Support Carers to have a break from their caring role

A short break lasting around three hours and can be arranged as part of your support plan following your carers assessment. 

Crossroads provide one-to-one, home and community based, support to the cared for person to enable you to pursue activities to support your social/educational/work environments. It can be a one off appointment or time limited period. There is no cost to you.

Listen and act when Carers talk about their needs

We have a Carer Partnership Board which is chaired by a Carer Ambassador. The board co-ordinates the development of the Carers Strategy which influences the provision of services and support that enable Carers to feel recognised and valued and will help them to live full and healthy lives.

Derbyshire Carers Association also supports a team of Carers known as Ambassadors who volunteer to support groups or events to ensure the views of Carers are supported. If you are interested in getting involved please contact Derbyshire Carers Association.

The Council engage in consultations with Carers over changes in the law, funding changes and service provision via an annual survey.

Recognise the importance of the help Carers give to the person they care for

We recognise the support you provide and that an assessment of the cared for needs can identify support through a Personal Budget or a managed service. Have a look at our Assessment for Adult Social Care page for more information.

Support groups can bring Carers together to provide a social link with support on information and advice. To find a support group to meet your needs contact Derbyshire Carers Association.

Supporting more Carers in Derby, from all backgrounds including young Carers.

We will continue to provide the range of support identified in the Carers Pledge to all customers of the City. Providers and Partners including Derbyshire Carers Association are able to provide literature in other languages, large print or ensure an interpreter is available for any assessment if required. All services are available for Carers 18+

Support services for Carers

Agency Service offered Telephone

Derbyshire Carers


Ambassador group

Carers groups

Carers Assessment

Emergency Plan


Information and advice

01332 200002
Crossroads Carers Support for the cared for 01332 344448
Creative Carers Training for the Carer 01332 227711
Making Space

Support to those with memory

loss or Dementia

01332 623700

Derby Advice

(Derby City Council)

Benefits and money advice

01332 256550

The benefits of the carers services provided in the city.

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