Different types of fostering

a blended family with four boys and mum and dad helping homework round a table

Fostering is flexible and can be worked around your availability and lifestyle. Here are the different types of fostering we provide:

Short-term fostering

In this role you will care for a child full time in your home but the length of stay can vary depending on the circumstances of the child’s family and plans made about the child’s long-term care. This could be anything from an overnight stay to a period of several months. Some children return home to their family while others may move to long-term foster carers or become adopted.

Long-term fostering

Sometimes a child cannot return home and adoption is not possible. As a long-term foster carer you will provide children with a loving and stable home, nurturing their development and preparing them for independence when they turn 18.

Respite fostering

This is when you look after a child at weekends, or set holidays, to give birth parents or other foster carers a break from providing full-time care. 

Short break care

Short breaks for children with disabilities usually take place at the carers home. These can mean a tea-time visit after school or a full weekend at the carers’ home.

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