Support for foster carers

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Derby City Council is a not for profit organisation with a wealth of experience and expertise in supporting children and their families.

We pride ourselves on the outstanding support we offer our foster carers and will make sure that you are fully prepared and supported to fulfil this role.

You will undertake tailored pre-approval training and have access to ongoing training to develop your skills once you are approved.

As a foster carer you will have ongoing local support including your own personal fostering social worker and a 24/7 fostering helpline.

Financial support

You will receive an allowance to support the cost of looking after a child.

Extra financial support ranging from £80 to £300 per week is available for foster carers who look after children with disabilities, special needs and challenging behaviour.

Age of child weekly financial allowance for 2018/19

Age Financial allowance
0-4 £149.51
5-10 £170.31
11-15 £212.02
16-18 £257.93



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