Heart City – fighting heart disease in Derby

There are over 2.7 million people in the UK living with coronary heart disease. Heart and circulatory disease remains the UK's biggest killer and still claims one in three lives every year.

Derby is one of the first 50 places in the UK to become a Heart City, offering people practical steps to improve their heart health. We have teamed up with the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and NHS Derby and Derbyshire to work together on a range of exciting plans to increase people's knowledge about what causes heart disease, how it can be prevented, and how to aid recovery. We will help raise awareness about coronary heart disease, its causes, treatment and prevention. Derby's Heart City status will initially last for a five-year period.

How will Derby's Heart City status help?

Coronary heart disease is the biggest cause of death in Derby and having high blood pressure and diabetes doubles the risk of heart disease. Around 50,000 heart patients are treated at the Royal Derby Hospital every year.

As a Heart City we hope to bring the community together to tackle heart health and improve the lives of every single person living in Derby.

We also hope to raise funds for the Mending Broken Hearts Appeal which was launched in 2011 to celebrate the BHF's 50th anniversary. The appeal is one of the charities most ambitious projects ever. Its goal is simple – to fund the research that could begin to literally 'mend broken hearts'.

Every single day 340 people have their lives shattered by a heart attack. For many, this can lead to severe heart failure, a condition that cuts short thousands of lives every year. But now scientists have the first real hope that these lives could be saved. At the moment, there's no cure for a broken heart. Once your heart muscle is damaged by a heart attack, it can never fully recover. But there is hope. This ground-breaking research will help us to learn how to teach the human heart to 'heal itself'.

The BHF has committed to spending £50 million over the next five years to make this happen however they can't do it without your help. Please help give hope to hundreds of thousands of heart failure patients across the UK and support the appeal.

How can I help?

You can support Derby Heart City and raise funds to help mend broken hearts. Find out how you can host your own fundraising event with friends, family or colleagues.

You can also volunteer in shops or at fundraising events. 

How to have a healthy heart

One of the best ways to help prevent and treat coronary heart disease is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Some of the ways to reduce the risk are by:

  • losing weight
  • becoming physically active
  • having a healthy diet
  • reducing alcohol intake
  • stopping smoking
  • reducing salt and caffeine intake.

Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels can all be helped by switching to a healthier lifestyle.

How can I find out more?

Visit the Take Heart Derby website to find out more about support for heart patients, their families and carers. Take Heart (Derby) is the local heart support group affiliated to the British Heart Foundation.

Visit the British Heart Foundation website for more information about how to improve your lifestyle and take a lifestyle check.

Other sources of information

  • Our Derby Active website - Helping children, young people and adults in Derby to be more physically active.
  • Our Sport, Clubs and Centres web pages - We offer lots of activities in our sports centres, on our parks and in the community to help you keep active.
  • Our Livewell website - We're working with NHS to deliver a personal and unique approach to healthy living for people living and working in Derby.  Developed to fit around your busy lifestyle, it combines healthy eating and activity advice to help you enjoy life to the full and stay motivated.
  • British Heart Foundation's Heart Matters - This is a free service which gives support and information for people looking to improve their heart health. Once signed up, you have access to their magazine, online healthy recipes and much more.
  • British Heart Foundation Volunteering - There are so many ways to be part of the BHF. Whether you want to volunteer in shops, help with local fundraising or raise funds for the Mending Broken Hearts Appeal, or even campaign for the UK's heart health - there's something for everyone. Volunteering is also a fun way to make friends, build your confidence and help other people.
  • Free NHS Health Checks - Aged between 40 and 74? The new NHS Health Check can help you assess your risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease. In this guide you can learn more about what the check is, what it involves, and when and how you can get it. There is information that will help you to understand your results when you receive them, and what to do next.

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