The 2011 Census showed there are approximately 25,500 people who look after another person in Derby across all service groups. This equates to around one in every 10 people in Derby having a caring responsibility. Compared to 2001, this which represents an increase of over 6%. Of these carers:

  • 61% (15,682 individuals) provide up to 19 hours per week
  • 14% (3,586 individuals) provide 20 to 49 hours per week
  • 25% (6,316 individuals) provide in excess of 50 hours per week 

The number of carers of people living in Derby in receipt of services or advice in 2012/13 was 1,862 which is a slight decrease on 2011/12 when 1,921 carers received services. This equates to 75 per 10,000 population which is the average for Derby's comparator group.

Comparator Charts

Of the people cared for aged under 65, 441 cared for people with Physical Disabilities, and 251 for people with Learning Disabilities.

Of the over 65 age group, the vast majority (86%) cared for people with Physical disability, and 12% for people with Mental Ill Health.

Approximately 34% of carers are aged 75 years or older, this is around the same proportion as previous years.

During October 2014 carers living in Derby were consulted as part of the Department of Health’s national survey. Some of the findings showed that 77.0% of respondents were satisfied with the social care support they receive.

62.3% of respondents feel they have some control over their daily life, but not enough.

Almost half of respondents (50.9%) feel they have some social contact with people but not enough.

73.3% of Carers felt they had been consulted in discussions about the person receiving care.


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