Future in Mind

The last year has seen considerable progress in our delivery of our Future in Mind programme which is demonstrated by the examples, quotes and material included in our third Local Transformation Plan (LTP). I have been particularly pleased with our ongoing engagement with our young people including two recent events both chaired by young people and engaging with a wide range of professionals and key stakeholders. These events demonstrated that Future in Mind is everyone’s business and that we have concrete examples of how the system is changing in its response to children and young people’s emotional, psychological and mental health and well-being needs.

The completion of this Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for CYP mental health is a significant step forward and means that the LTP begins to shift our focus away from the obvious and more towards a strategic focus on priorities reflecting our shared strategic view on needs. This moves our approach to being a whole-system approach bringing partners, children, young people and the current provision together with an even stronger focus on responding better to our children and young people’s emotional, psychological and mental health and well-being needs.

Our refreshed strategic priorities are included in the LTP and will be a key focus over the remainder of the Future in Mind five-year programme. And the journey is far from complete with increasing demand; greater complexity and recruitment of key staff all continual challenges. We are looking to develop new models of care to try and respond to needs more locally, more multi-agency and more focused on impact rather than activity.

I would like to thank all key partners from CCGs, our two Local Authorities, our wide range of provider organisations and especially our children and young people. We remain committed to listening to their views and experience so that we deliver provision appropriate to their experience of the world and their needs. Our anti-stigma campaign was launched recently and you may be interested to see our Facebook page.

One of our strengths across Derbyshire and Derby City is our Children’s Commissioners from both Local Authorities and CCGs. I am grateful for their hard work within our integrated Future in Mind programme.

Finally, one of the young people at our September event said to me how surprised she was with the amount of ‘stuff going on’ and how interesting and exciting it is to hear about it all. And she is right it is such an exciting opportunity to really transform how we respond to our children and young peoples’ needs.

Frank McGhee
Senior Responsible Officer for the Future in Mind Programme
Director of Integrated Commissioning
Southern Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group/Derby City Council


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